Welcome To USCHO Extra!

Dear fans of college hockey,

USCHO Extra is under way as of Monday, Oct. 17, and if you’ve already subscribed to Extra, thanks for coming along for the ride.

Throughout the hockey season, subscribers will be getting more from USCHO.com. That includes a customizable home page with unique Extra content, a new, improved Fan Forum and, if you prefer, a site free of image-based advertisements.

Also, we’re offering exclusive content in the form of original journalism from the USCHO.com staff, all season long, to Extra subscribers. Every week, you can look forward to new columns and features on topics ranging the spectrum across college hockey.

We hope these improvements enhance your enjoyment of the site. For the past year, we’ve taken your comments and feedback, and we’ve worked hard to incorporate elements we think you’ll find useful and valuable.

If you’ve already logged in to Extra, then you’ve seen what we’re talking about: the latest stories specific to your team and conference, as well as the USCHO Extra features box for your easy perusal.

That features box will contain exclusive content available only to subscribers. To kick things off, debuting this week on Extra is Tuesday Morning Quarterback, a weekly column by longtime staffer Jim Connelly and yours truly. Jim and I will be giving our views on the previous weeks’ action across the nation, with Jim focusing every other week on the East, and me covering the West in the remaining weeks.

That’s only the beginning, though, as we bring you regular columns, features, analysis and opinions, all from familiar USCHO.com faces and new ones too.

In short, the definitive college hockey resource has gotten even better, as we celebrate our 10th season of award-winning, in-depth coverage.

Welcome to USCHO Extra, and thanks for your support. We think you’ll like what you see.

Best regards, and we’ll see you online and at the games.

Scott [nl]Brown
Executive Editor