Underway in the Second

It’s still 3-1 about six minutes into the second period, with neither team able to generate much offense. A flurry by Oswego comes up empty, with Lyon making some key stops.

Mike Carmody, NEC’s top offensive weapon, is still out of the lineup due to injury.


  1. I haven’t missed a ECAC finals weekend since the last year in the (old) Boston Garden, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll go back to Atlantic City again.  Last year was the most depressing setting I’ve EVER seen for a finals!
    Albany wasn’t that great, but in comparison to AC, it was Nirvana.
    Lake Placid is just as long a drive (excepting Clarkson and StL.), but it always had a great atmosphere!

  2. If you can not get it back up to Lake Placid,  then get almost there and put it in the Glens Falls Civic Center.  It is a great hockey town.  Ask resident Mr. Barry Melrose why he never left.  Plenty of rooms, watering holes and restaurants.  The correct capacity for off campus hockey in roughly 5000 seats.  Within a 4 hour ride from every school in the conference.  Albany is a basketball town, and Lake Placid won’t please coaches with the big ice surface, but it would please the fans.    

  3. A real shame. I know the commish was in touch with a number of TV outlets and producers. The cost of doing a game at Boardwalk Hall compared to Albany is much, much higher. The unions at Boardwalk Hall in AC are more expensive to deal with than MSG in NYC. That’s how bad it is down there.Still another year on the ECAC contract with AC, so don’t expect TV next year either.

  4. They should have made each session a package, like they did with the first 2 rounds. 10 bucks for both semis, 10 bucks for the consy and championship. 

  5. Never should have left Boston.  Even if the ECAC was in the shadow of Hockey East you don’t get more attention in the middle of nowhere (Lake Placid) or a third tier city (Albany) or the most depressing place on the Atlantic Coast (Atlantic City).  At this point I say try the new arena in Brooklyn.

  6. You don’t just have something like this happen in the last couple of weeks.  This should have been set months or years ago.  Where is the planning and vision for the league.  ECAC is frequently looked down on and this is one of the reasons why.  Too bad my favorite school is part of ECAC.  Maybe it is time for some of the schools to find a new home, then the message might get through to the top.

  7. The internet video feed is decent, especially if you are outside the regional cable area.. most of the union games are only shown in the albany area, which is useless to fans elsewhere. 

  8. Very unorganized by the ECAC, come on really all the other leagues will be televised.  What did ECAC do try to find a station this week???  Im a very big fan of the ECAC teams and enjoy the competitive hockey.  I just watched the High School championship game on tv.  ECAC get with the program….  Very disgusted….  BTW, move it back to Lake Placid, stop being greedy…..

  9. Attention ECAC league office, you made a mistake, it happens, no TV this year, but you at least have a chance to make it right (or at least accepted THIS YEAR)…write the check and make the webcast free, don’t make people pay to watch online what you should have put on television in the first place…you get one chance at a little love back from the fans before they all turn on you.

  10. Said it before, I’ll say it again – leaving Albany for AC was an epic mistake.  Not being on TV is even dumber.  If Hagwell had any self respect he would resign, as he’s made a complete mess of the ECAC’s premier event.

    • Absolutely! Hagwell has made a complete hash of his tenure as League president. Just look at all the league publications: High School Harry amateurish! The web site is unchanged for years and no one looking for up to date info on the league would consider using it. It’s a joke! No TV is a failure of colossal proportions! No regular season trophy presentation to the champions by the league is disgraceful! Having our premier league event in a city south of ALL the league teams is just STUPID! This man is responsible for deterioration of our iconic league and he must GO!


  11. Absolutely pitiful…As already pointed out, why this revelation just days before the tournament? With four of the country’s finest academic institutions participating, the hackneyed term “scholar-athlete” is not an oxymoron in this case. National TV exposure of the ECAC would be a perfect occasion to showcase what is right about college athletics. How in the world can this dereliction of Hagwell’s be tolerated?
    TV not withstanding, Atlantic City was an equally pituful choice as a venue. It is overpriced, unattractive, and only accessible with great effort. Maybe the ECAC coaches will will bring the powers to be to their senses in choosing a more attractive site. The short shrift received by the ECAC on a general basis is very undeserved. There is too much to be proud of.

  12. Wonder if they if even thought of reaching out to YES Network or SNY, two regional sports network with national reach via satellite. 

  13. Just another example of the ineptness and idocy of Commissioner Hagwell and all the Commissioners.  College hockey needs to throw the current group of Commissioners out before they run college hockey further into the ground.  This is just an embarassment.

  14. This is disgusting.  Im a huge Union Fan and am unwilling to make the 5 hour trip to the S hole that is Atlantic City and now they arent even going to show the games on telelvision. This makes me sick that if Union is able to win its first ever ECAC Championship I wont even be able to see it happen and maybe ill get a chance to hear it on the radio.  This isnt just about U, this is about the constant screw ups by the people in charge and this should be a wake up call.. And to have the nerve to charge people to see the games is sickening.  The ECAC should be paying for it and  making it avaialable to every one.  So Terrible FIRE HAGWELL and return the tourney up north


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