I remember the days when they had chain link fence at the Golden Romney Field House. Even after they put in glass, the good-old-fashioned Romney still had this close, intense feel. I wondered if I’d miss that atmosphere here in the new Oswego barn.  I don’t.

In the Campus Center Arena, everyone has a real seat.  Everyone can see. And the volume still gets loud.

I’ve been to Kreitzberg; been to Kenyon. Oswego has my new favorite D-III barn.


  1. Michigan Tech won 4 games last year. The seniors had 15 wins under their belts coming in to this season, going 4-30-4. 5-30-1 and 6-25-7.

  2. Agreed. I see BC taking the game tonight, despite the history. It will be interesting to see who ends up on top of the Big 10 this year. It seems the consensus is Minnesota or Wisconsin. Both teams have solid goaltending and both teams may struggle to score. Both also have a solid defense, but Minnesota’s defense can be prone to lapses, where the system that Wisconsin runs is very defense oriented. It will likely come down to which team can score more consistently. Minnesota may have more scorers in their lineup, but many remain unproven. It should be interesting.


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