Hockey East, CHA Recaps (Outside Sources)

For anyone looking for recaps of the Hockey East Semifinals and CHA Final:

From Foster’s:

UNH 2, UConn 0

Providence 3, BC 2

From Erie Times-News:

Mercyhurst 4, Wayne State 1

USCHO will have writers at the Hockey East and WCHA finals on Sunday.


  1. Yeah that makes tons of sense, because the ONLY way to beat BC is if you can score on the power play? I WILL make excuses and say it, not having Will O’Neill and Jeff Dimmen playing on the ice and on special teams really does HURT, they don’t even resemble anything that looks like the same Nation Leading Maine Power Play when those guys aren’t on the ice. Good weekend for BC though (they really needed those games more then Maine did with 4 losses already on the season) But I was at Sundays game and Maine outplayed BC the entire game and really made them look like the inferior team but it just goes to show you what EXCELLENT (muse) goal tending can do for your team and how TERRIBLE (sullivan) goal tending can hurt your team. I am a huge Maine fan and even I will admit that John Muse has to be one of the best if not the best goal tender in the country right now. That kid is AMAZING to watch, and was very impressive this weekend and was the only reason Maine didn’t come away with any points from this series. So congrats to BC for the nice wins and THANK GOD John Muse is a senior this year!

  2. you’re right, it was way more important for BC but i think you are being to harsh on your goalie, he did not play badly at all………….

  3. What games were you watching? I watched both games and he played TERRIBLE. how do you give up 4 goals on on 18 shots and say that he didn’t play badly? Not to mention he basically gift wrapped one goal for BC when he played the puck behind the net and passed right to Brian Gibbons who just shot into an empty net. Sunday was no different, Maine played extremely well, well enough to earn a win but Sullivan gave up 3 goals and most were soft

  4. While Clarke Saunders HAS been pretty good against UNO in the past, just how, exactly, does that have real influence or any bearing on the outcome of this weekend? It’s a supposition with no basis in fact. And, much of that history is while Saunders was with UAH. A totally meaningless assertion.


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