Back to Square One

As quickly as it began, it seemed, the Eagles’ first power play went by the boards. And yet it was not for nothing: in the ensuing few moments, BC held the zone and took advantage of the adjusting Huskies. NU soph Mike Hewkin committed an infraction behind his own net, BC junior Matt Price hopped onto the ice as the extra attacker, and he wound up slamming a shot that just squeaked through Husky goalie Brad Thiessen.


  1. Sorry Candace, that was 10-1-2. I guess you must be counting shootout results even though they don’t count. Just keeping you sharp. Love your predictions.

  2. So if I just walked up to Xcel with a 5 right now, could I get a seat? I feel like I could.

    Terrible mistake by the committee not sending North Dakota to St. Paul.

    • Just got back from the “full” arena, nearly 300 fans I’ll bet. They let/asked fans move to the middle sections, if they wanted. RINMRN, was so bad scalpers were selling tickets for $10 with no buyers. Disagree about moving Sioux to Xcel, there would have been less than 500 fans in Cincy for every game there if they did that.

      • Michigan traveled decently apparently, and St. Paul would have drawn about 900,000% more. Would have had so many more total fans at regionals.

        Bottom line is they should go back to home sites, or quasi-home sites for schools with small home rinks.


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