Back In Black

Gooooooaaaaalll, Northeastern. The raucous Dog House (not to be confused with the aptly named Dog Pound … see previous posts for explanation) explodes as senior Ryan Ginand roofed it short-side over workhorse John Muse’s glove. 1-0 Huskies, 15:08 on the clock in the first.


  1. To fill you in on the Stonehouse goal, Cowie did not have a clean shot, he was under pressure in the Laker end and quickly passed it to Stonehouse who one timed it 150 down the ice into the net (the puck was still about 2 feet off the ground when it hit the back of the net) although Cowie certainly would do something like that if he had the opportunity, he’s a real team player…Interestingly enough, the Stonehouse goal was the first empty net goal the Lakers have scored this season…and one more thing, some of us Laker fans seem to think that the Lakers have had to have been involved in more shootouts than any other CCHA team since the inception of the rule…Is there any way you could check this out for us? I think an article devoted to the shootout (which team has been in the most, least, what player has scored the most shootout goals, what teams/goalies have had the most success, etc.) would be an interesting read for us CCHA fans thanks!

    • Lake State has been involved in 13 shootouts in the nearly 3 years of this gimmick in the CCHA. In order (and only counting CCHA games, not any in-season tourneys, as many use them):
      WMU 22
      UA 18
      FSU 14
      ND 13
      LSSU 13
      NMU 13
      OSU 12
      MSU 12
      MU 10
      BGSU 9
      UM 6

      • I can’t speak to any of the figures for the other teams but i just went back and looked, and your Lake State figure is inaccurate, the lakers have been involved in 16 shootouts since it began, not 13…..

        • yeah, you are correct, Lake State has participated in 16, and my figure for Bowling Green was off too, they’ve been in 10, not 9. One of my stats repositories had incorrect numbers, as well as SO wins and losses that didn’t equal their respective numbers of ties. That should have alerted me that the numbers may have been suspect. The others I believe are all correct.


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