No. 1 vs. No. 2?

As the “nine minutes” chant rims around the arena the way the puck rides the dasher, it suddenly dawned upon me that should Notre Dame (currently No. 2 in the polls) lose a game against Ohio State — and they have two “opportunities” to do so — next week’s Beanpot finale could very well pit No. 1 BU against No. 2 Northeastern.

As I type, the Huskies pop one past Muse for the 6-1 lead and … HOLY COW, JERRY YORK PULLED MUSE!

John Muse. The John Muse, who played every goaltending second for Boston College since he arrived on campus a year and a half ago. Now in … someone we’ve never heard of, and with good cause! No one ever dreamt we’d see him in game action! (It’s frosh Chris Venti, by the way.)

Just another bullet point on Northeastern’s straight-to-the-top resume this season: first team to chase John Muse.

What a stunner this must be for the downtrodden Eagles, who hadn’t allowed six in a loss all year. (Last time BC gave up six while losing: November ’06, to New Hampshire.)