14 Minutes …

Maybe I have it all wrong. They’re not bored; they’re just enthusiastically counting down the time separating NU from the Beanpot Championship game!

13 minutes … (clap, clap, clap clap clap)

The Husky band just played “Hey Baby (Won’t you Be My Girl)”, which is Boston University’s traditional postgame victory tune. Coincidental or deliberate, I don’t think it’s dreadfully premature.

BC just … oh, wait, 12 minutes … just missed another chance to bury a doorstep goal and make the game respectable. The Black & Red are really strangling the life out of the Eagles.

I think this here is the first time I’ve heard the BC band in about two hours. But maybe it just feels that way. The Superfan sections are about half-full (ok, half-empty by now), and that level is dropping rapidly. Much like the Huskies’ beer steins shall be later, I’m guessing.

11 minutes …