Five Goals? Ho-hum.

Northeastern fans are clearly bored with their team’s sheer dominance. They just broke out a “17 minutes” chant as the clock hit, well, 17:00 to play.

Looks like the BU fans, and many of the BC fans, have been inadvertantly hospitable to NU by leaving early: the quarter-full arena doesn’t look much different than it did when the BU-Harvard game began, or than it will next Monday at 5pm when the Crimson draw the hapless Eagles.

But will any of these disenchanted and traditionally fair-weathered Superfans bother coming back? Could be a pretty dismal attendance for the consolation game, which Northeastern is rapidly trying to rebrand. (Used to be satirically known as the “NU Invitational”, as a play off the Beanpot itself, which has been called the “BU Invitational” in reference to the Terriers’ historical dominance in the tourney.)

Two minutes gone already? Must be, since the Dog House just broke out in “15 minutes! -clap, clap, clap clap clap-“


  1. You should make different picks for the championship game in case one of you semifinal picks are wrong. BU-Wisc, BU-BC, Cornell-BC

    Come on BU & BC, prove Candace wrong again!!


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