Final Thoughts

.. from the peanut gallery, that is.

BU fans: “who’s your daddy”, as BU now two wins against the Huskies in two tries this year. “Hey hey hey, goodbye” of course …  NU is standing proud, cheering hard for their boys despite the deficit. “North-Eastern” reverberated as loudly as it did in the first period, as did their “let’s go Huskies”.

It’s good to see such a devoted fan base ignore the temptation of bitter responses. This Husky team still has a lot to be proud of, and even more potential to realize.

There’s the “1988” from the Dog Pound (BU) … the last time the Huntington Hounds hoisted the ‘Pot.

At least the Dog House (NU) has a sense of humor. Its counter-argument?