Quite a Trip

The RIT Tigers were timed a minute and 55 seconds to get from their locker room door to the ice surface, a lot of that downhill. The goaltenders are going to be transported via golf carts.

“I’m not worried about it,” joked RIT goalie Jared DeMichiel. “I have the biggest nose of all the goalies here, so I’ll get the most oxygen to and from the rink.”

“It’s exciting to be playing in front of the largest indoor crowd to see a hockey game,” said RIT coach Wayne Wilson. “To be involved in something like this our first time out is pretty special. We’ve played in a lot of different environments this season and this is just another adjustment.”

Wilson said that one of the benefits of the venue is the ability to get tickets at the last minute.

“Not a lot of RIT fans bought Frozen Four tickets at the beginning of the season,” he said. “But (Ford Field) allows lot of fans to be able to come see us. Instead of being shut out – you get your 600 and that’s it – it’s nice being able to bring more people along for the ride.”


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