Olsen leaves Minnesota-Duluth for Blackhawks

According to the Duluth News Tribune, Minnesota-Duluth sophomore defenseman Dylan Olsen has signed a three-year contract with the Chicago Blackhawks and will join their AHL affiliate in Rockford, Ill., immediately following the World Junior Championship.

Olsen is currently playing for Canada at the World Junior tournament in Buffalo, N.Y.

“Dylan was having a good year and we were expecting a better, more confident player to return to us after the experience of the junior tournament,” UMD coach Scott Sandelin told the paper. “We knew how much making Canada’s team meant to him and that it could only help his play.

“We’re just disappointed he chose to make a change at midseason.”

Sandelin also said that recent academic issues would probably have left Olsen ineligible for the second semester.

The 19-year-old Olsen had two goals and 22 assists for 24 points in 53 career games with the Bulldogs, including a goal and 12 assists for 13 points in 17 games this season.

Olsen was taken by Chicago in the first round (28th overall) in the 2009 NHL draft.


  1. If it is any consolation, Olsen is the worst player at the tournament, and has been embarassingly awful for team Canada. The worst performance by a Canadian defenceman in the history of the tourney is what many are saying. bad pinches, turnovers, has scored on his own goalie, has taken 3 shots at his own net during the tourney and has been just terrible. he is not even close to being ready to play at this tourney and I marvel that he has been able to cope with the WCHA. F*** is this guy awful.

  2. If he has been as terrible as you all say then the best place for him would have been back in Duluth playing in the WCHA and playing for Sandlein. Apparently his support group didn’t instill in him to work hard in school as well as in hockey. I hope he doesn’t ever sustain a career ending injury because he won’t have a quality education to fall back on.

    • the speed at the world juniors is too much for him to cope with coming out of the NCAA, which is a good league, but is not even close to world junior speed. clearly, the ncaa model is not working for this player. he needs to hone his skills in a higher speed environment, and pro hockey will do that for him. as for the education – I am pretty sure he can afford to take some courses with 1.5 million dollars in the bank.

      • He’d more than likely just waste his money on those courses as well since he didnt care to do well at the courses he wasn’t paying for… The NCAA model only works for players who understand that it is called “student”-athlete.

  3. CanadianFan2….I thinks the scouts disagree with your expert opinion

    cant believe they dont value your high opinion of yourself

    • I am not sure why you are choosing to attack me personally. Aside from that, the opinions I am sharing are consistent with the consensus around the country. He has been awful. Once again, the worst in tournament history.

      • If you just focus in on comments from Pierre McGwire who BTW is not the consensus,than I get your point but he is often wrong.

        Hockey is meant to be viewed from your own eyes not from a commentator.

        you are attacking Olsen “personally” so spare me your BS

        • great news. in today’s game (sunday) against swiss, olsen has been great. he got hurt and went to the dressing room and came back out. maybe he got frozen. tells me it may have been an injury that had him awful. anyway, he came out of the room a different player. anyway, he looks great in this playoff game.

        • I agree

          You can always tell when someone is watching TSN with Pierre Mcgwire…..I have an Idea CanFan

          Try watching the game without the sound instead of licking PM`s nuts.

          Earn your right to have an opinion by actually watching the game

          • what planet are you guys on? are you suggesting i am not watching the game? its only in the us you cant find anyone watching the game. see, i actually come from a hockey c ountry where everyone is huddled around the game. i come from a hockey country. tonite i may some nhl tonite and see is i cant find the 7 nhlers who could be in this tourney from canada. just admit it. the ncaa failed olsen and chicago realized it. soft hockey for spolied little boys just isnt cutting it.

          • Im from Canada you Jackass….but what difference does it make when YOU dont understand the game!

            If Pierre McGwire tells you something then it is gospel….grow up!

            Olsen played a great game last night but since Pierre didnt mention him all that much you didnt notice.

            Dont think just cuz your from Canada that you understand the game better than our neighbors when its obvious you do not

          • Olsen had the flu for much of this tournament and took a crushing it during game 2.

            I strongly disagree with the poster who think he has been an embarrassment. When you pick a few spots in the game to cement your opinion than it wont matter how he plays to you.

            Its a team game and he has had to cover for Ellis a whole lot and yet you or anyone on TSN has not mentioned that dubious fact.

  4. This stinks. He is a great player at UMD and was not ready for the next level! maybe at the end of the season he would have been ready. Thanks knucklehead

  5. Dylan failed to hold up his academic end of school. The NCAA didn’t fail him. He failed the NCAA.

    I don’t think the World Junior Tourney is much faster than the NCAA. A decent RPI team beat Team USA in the early exhibition, and if Team USA or Team Canada played a top NCAA team in a seven game series, I think the results would very close, as the NCAA teams are older and stronger, which could mitigate the skill advantage the junior players would have.

  6. As a quitter, he should have transferred to the Gophers. Lucia would have made him the ultimate Gopher Captain…..no, Admiral Olsen of the Gopher Patrol……where’s my burger?


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