The bubble and what I believe

Let’s get on to the nitty gritty shall we?

Here is what I believe:

Yale, North Dakota, Boston College, Miami, Denver, Merrimack, Michigan, Union, Minnesota-Duluth, Notre Dame, Western Michigan, New Hampshire and either RIT or Air Force  are all in.

That’s 13 teams.

There are three spots left out there, and those three spots will go to three of Nebraska-Omaha, Colorado College, Rensselaer or Cornell.

If Cornell wins the ECAC, one of these three teams will be out, and it all depends on other results.

The key games to look out for to see who gets in:

Cornell-Yale.  Obviously a Cornell win puts one of those three teams out.  Which one?  It all depends. Assuming a Cornell win, then we have…

Colgate-Dartmouth.  A Dartmouth win here seems to put CC into the tournament.  A Colgate win here almost puts Rensselaer into the tournament.

Notre Dame-Michigan.  A Notre Dame win here seems to hurt UNO.  It hurts UNO even more should WMU win.