Finally we have a bracket and finally I nailed the bracket on the money.

But, this one was relatively easy to gather from all the information out there.

I think the committee walked into the room and five minutes later they were finished.

I have no complaints at all.  The process worked exactly like the manual described, exactly like how the selection process was put out there.

Fans can complain that the system is broken, that teams got jobbed, that some don’t deserve this or that, but in the end, given the rules that were put in place, the procedure that was put in place and the guidelines as to how to construct the tournament bracket, the committee did it to the exact letter of those rules, procedures and guidelines.

Kudos to them, kudos to the fans for understanding the process and getting it right, and thanks to all my frenemies out there that also predicted the same brackets.

It goes to show you that the system, even if you think it’s broken, works.

The system that is put out there works so well that someone like me, who now lives in Singapore, and has seen a total of four hockey games this season, can look at the numbers and determine the exact field of the NCAA Tournament.  I don’t even have to be in the country to predict the tournament field, that’s how well the procedure is laid out and how it should be followed to determine the field.

See you at the Regionals!