North Dakota’s Blood has assistant captaincy revoked by Hakstol

North Dakota senior defenseman Ben Blood’s assistant captaincy has been revoked by head coach Dave Hakstol due to an altercation that occurred during the post-game handshake following last Saturday night’s game against Minnesota.

“Regardless of any provocation, Ben’s actions in the post-game handshake were not acceptable,” said Hakstol in a statement. “The handshake line is a traditional, gentlemanly part of our game where, at the end of a hard-fought battle, opponents show good sportsmanship and shake hands like men.”

Hakstol added that Blood will be subject to further internal team disciplinary actions.

“I’m not proud of my behavior,” added Blood. “That’s not how I want to represent our program and that’s not how we handle ourselves here. I understand and respect the punishment and I’ll move forward and not let my emotions get the best of me in the future.”