PairWise Predictor 2012 is live: share your scenarios

PairWise PredictorWith the final four teams set in each conference — or six, in the case of the WCHA —’s PairWise Predictor is now live.

We’d like to see your scenarios. Can you come up with some strange combinations that put your favorite team in, or your hated nemesis out? How high or low can you move a team in various permutations of projected PairWise possibilities? Can you get a current No. 18 in? Can you keep a No. 12 out of the NCAAs?

Let us know in the comments below. Our expert bracketologist Jayson Moy will share the best, weirdest and most and least likely in his upcoming bracketology brainstorms.

Check it out. USCHO’s PairWise Predictor is live for one week only at