Weekend picks: Dec. 1

I got another game up on Nicole last weekend, thanks to Dartmouth. We both did pretty well though. I went 14-6-5, while Nicole went 13-7-5. On the year, I have a big lead, as I am 171-61-29, while Nicole is 151-81-29. We’ve got three 1 vs. 2 conference series this weekend, so let’s get to it.

Thursday, Dec. 1, and Saturday, Dec. 3

St. Lawrence vs. Clarkson (home-and-home)
Candace: Hard to see this as anything but a split on home ice. Clarkson 3-2, St. Lawrence 3-2
Nicole: I suppose the smart thing to do is hedge my bets and call for a split, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say Clarkson is going to hand St. Lawrence their first losses of the season. I’m giving the edge to the Golden Knights’ experience. Clarkson 4-2, 3-1

Friday, Dec. 2

Dartmouth at Colgate
Candace: Colgate needs the win here to keep pace with Clarkson and St. Lawrence and should get it at home. Colgate 3-1
Nicole: If Colgate wants to keep pace, they need to win the games they should win. This is one of them. Colgate 4-1

Harvard at Cornell
Candace: The Crimson have looked decent in some of their losses, but I like the Big Red in this one. Cornell 3-2
Nicole: Cornell showed some versatility at Wisconsin as well as top goaltending. Harvard has had one of the toughest schedules in the country and I don’t think this is where they find their footing. Cornell 3-1

Princeton at Rensselaer
Candace: The Tigers have been up and down, but I figure this is an up weekend. Princeton 4-2
Nicole: Despite some stumbles, Princeton has more tools. Princeton 4-1

Quinnipiac at Union
Candace: The Bobcats need a jolt of confidence, and they’ll get it here. Quinnipiac 3-1
Nicole: Should be an easy win for the Bobcats. Quinnipiac 5-1

Friday-Saturday, Dec. 2-3

Mercyhurst at Lindenwood
Candace: The Lions showed me something last week in Mankato, but I expect the Lakers to win two close ones. Mercyhurst 3-2, 2-1
Nicole: The Lakers have fallen off this season and Lindenwood is coming off some wins that give them momentum. I’ll say it’s a split. Mercyhurst 3-1, Lindenwood 2-0

RIT at Syracuse
Candace: I didn’t expect the Tigers to beat Rensselaer last weekend, but I think Syracuse will be a tougher out. Syracuse 3-2, 2-1
Nicole: Syracuse got a bit win in North Dakota last weekend and should ride that confidence boost to a sweep. Syracuse 4-2, 3-1

New Hampshire vs. Merrimack (home-and-home)
Candace: A tough one to call. Merrimack played well last weekend, but the Warriors have been inconsistent. I’ll go with home ice. Merrimack 3-2, New Hampshire 3-2
Nicole: Merrimack has shown some flashes of brilliance. Picking each team to win at home. Merrimack 2-1, New Hampshire 3-2

Boston University vs. Connecticut (home-and-home)
Candace: The Terriers have also been inconsistent, but I like them to sweep this one. Boston University 3-2, 3-1
Nicole: Hockey East has been full of surprises from bottom-half schools, but I would think BU should be able to sweep this home-and-home series. Boston University 3-1, 5-2

Bemidji State at Minnesota State
Candace: The Mavericks have been more consistently inconsistent, so I’ll go with the visitors. Bemidji State 2-1, 3-1
Nicole: The Beavers should be able to get out with a sweep. Bemidji State 3-1, 4-1

North Dakota at Ohio State
Candace: Another series where North Dakota might fall into a trap. Ohio State 2-1, North Dakota 3-2
Nicole: Two teams with surprise wins and losses. I think Kassie Sauve steals one for Ohio State. Ohio State 3-2, North Dakota 5-2

Minnesota-Duluth at St. Cloud
Candace: Look for the Bulldogs to keep rolling. Minnesota-Duluth 3-1, 3-1
Nicole: There have been big strides taken in St. Cloud recently, but I think the Bulldogs’ top line will rule this series. Minnesota-Duluth 4-2, 4-1

Saturday, Dec. 3

Harvard at Colgate
Candace: This is a tough out for the Raiders, but I think they pull it out. Colgate 3-2
Nicole: It was a big fall from no losses to a two-loss weekend for Colgate. I think they respond with a win here. Colgate 3-1

Dartmouth at Cornell
Candace: It won’t be easy, but I think the home team will prevail. Cornell 3-2
Nicole: I’m tempted to pick Dartmouth here, but will give the nod to the better record at Cornell. Cornell 2-0

Quinnipiac at Rensselaer
Candace: The Bobcats get a big road sweep. Quinnipiac 3-1
Nicole: The Bobcats keep pace with the top of the conference with a win. Quinnipiac 3-1

Princeton at Union
Candace: The Tigers will keep pace in the ECAC here. Princeton 4-1
Nicole: Union has improved, but I think the Tigers will be too much for them to handle. Princeton 4-1

Providence at Boston College
Candace: The Friars have shown some fight, but I think the Eagles have too many weapons. Boston College 4-2
Nicole: There have been so many surprises out east this season that I’m tempted to pick upsets, but I still think BC’s offense will be too much for the Friars. Boston College 4-2

Saturday-Sunday, Dec. 3-4

Robert Morris at Penn State
Candace: I think the Colonials are the favorite in the CHA right now, and will take more control of the race here. Robert Morris 3-2, 3-1
Nicole: The top two teams in the CHA are jockeying for position, but Robert Morris has been more consistent. Penn State has the power to surprise, so I’ll pick a split. Penn State 3-2, Robert Morris 3-1

Vermont at Northeastern
Candace: Vermont has been up and down, but the Huskies are strong enough to withstand the up and win easy on the down. Northeastern 4-2, 3-2
Nicole: Vermont surprised a few teams earlier this season and I can’t imagine Northeastern isn’t fully prepared for the Catamounts this time around. The Huskies need every point they can grab. Northeastern 3-2, 4-1

Minnesota at Wisconsin
Candace: Minnesota might be without Sarah Potomak, and Wisconsin might still be without Ann-Renée Desbiens. A hard choice. A split is more likely, and I’m sure Wisconsin has had this series circled since last March, but what the heck. Minnesota 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: There’s a justification to pick this series every possible way, but the one that makes most sense to me is a split. That’s further complicated by not knowing whether Sarah Potomak and Ann-Renée Desbiens are playing. Regardless, I’ll go with Wisconsin on Saturday and Minnesota on Sunday. Wisconsin 3-2, Minnesota 4-3.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

Boston College at Dartmouth
Candace: Dartmouth has shown more than expected, but I don’t see the Big Green defeating the Eagles. Boston College 4-2
Nicole: As long as BC isn’t looking past this game, they should take this one. Boston College 3-1