Three things we learned from the WCHA quarterfinals

We’re down to the Final Four in the WCHA, and the cream rose to the crop during the first weekend of the WCHA tournament.

Here are the three things we learned this weekend:

1. Northern Michigan wasn’t going down without a fight. The Wildcats took Bemidji State to a decisive third game, but couldn’t pull off the upset. The rest of the series were settled in sweeps by the higher seeds.

2. Major penalties are killers. In Game 2 of the Bowling Green-Ferris State series Gerald Mayhew was given a five-minute major and ejected for a hit from behind with his team leading 3-2. The Falcons then scored twice during the major power play and went on to complete the sweep with a 5-3 win.

3. Michigan Tech is rolling. The Huskies scored 14 goals in a two-game series sweep against Lake Superior State and look like the hottest team heading into the semifinals.


    • Providence would still have the 2nd longest WINNING streak. Note that Northeastern is 11-0-1 over their last 12, meaning they have one tie stuck in there. True, their streak is 12 unbeaten, but not 12 wins. Does that clear it up?

    • Notre Dame belongs in the CCHA. Thanks a lot, Big Ten! I don’t know, are the Irish happy in Hockey East? Is traveling east going to get old after a while? Anyways, I’m a BU fan, but I’ll be at TD Garden for a good weekend of hockey while we look forward to a nice trip to Cincinnati.

      • It would have been nice to have Quinnipiac in Hockey East instead of ND…would have been a real Eastern Hockey League…but don’t worry 3-4 years down the line ND will move/bolt to the NCHC.

        • NCHC doesn’t want Hockey East’s ND. They already have one of their own – North Dakota. My guess is Notre Dame doesn’t want to join NCHC anyway. Hasn’t worked out very well for other ex-CCHA teams – Western Michigan & Miami are watching post-season play from home.

          • Notre Dame was actually offered the final spot in the NCHC when it was forming. They refused, and then that spot was offered to St Cloud, who accepted.

          • We all do things we later regret. (example: NCHC giving Notre Dame in invite?). St Cloud is a much better fit anyway! Instead of “refusing” to join a league – Notre Dame should be grateful anyone will accept them. Maybe when Notre Dame get tired of traveling east for league games they could go independent like football. Good riddance!!

    • Big10 will never take them just for hockey (like Hopkins in lacrosse). Too much bad blood. It’s all Big10 or nothing, and ND demands to remain independent in football.

  1. The Friars started the season undefeated in their first 15 games,19 going back to the 4 wins last season leading up to the NCAA championship.

  2. A Lowell win on Friday would make it 4 straight to the HE finals. Pretty good for a program that was in last place just 5 years ago. The Riverhawks looked impressive against BU over the weekend. They usually have the fewest draft picks on their roster when compared to the other top teams locally and nationally. There are 4 pretty hot teams heading to Boston this weekend. I hope the other 3 teams can bring the same amount of fans that Lowell will have at the Gaaarden…

  3. I hope the “picks” are what each writer thinks, not something ridiculous and a waste of space like last week. Just pick who you think will win, please!

    • I agree. I was so irritated last week. I wish I got paid to pick random junk! If I just closed my eyes and pointed I could’ve done that. Also I like how they tried to back it up by: here are my actual picks…just doing it to say you were right either way. Hey! I bet Lowell, PC, BC, OR Northeastern wins the HEA Championship!!!!

  4. .
    last week i posted this;

    “seriously… getting more painful by the day.

    first NMU got swept by Michigan State. now NMU got swept by Michigan Tech.

    when is NMU getting swept by Minnesota Tech?!? latter on today? tomorrow? ’cause it doesn’t look like they will ever get swept by Minnesota State!!”

    so this week i am posting this;

    Alaska got swept by Michigan Tech?!?!?!?

    when is Alaska getting swept by Minnesota State?!? latter on today? tomorrow?

    this blog has become a joke. a seriously sad joke. but hey, benefit of the doubt… maybe there is a good reason we don’t know about. just maybe.


  5. I hope next year the WCHA goes back to 8 non-conferance games. I think the fewer non-conferance games hurt them in the pairwise this year. Which is why we will only have one team in the running this time.

    • There were only five games left on the table by WCHA teams for non-conference games (okay, seven if you count the one extra non-conference game played between Alaska and Alaska-Anchorage). Not winning their non-conference games hurt them this year (17-47-5 record)

      Alabama-Huntsville 6 games (did not use their Alaska exemption)
      Alaska 6 games (doesn’t get the Alaska exemption)
      Alaska-Anchorage 6 games (doesn’t get the Alaska exemption)
      Bemidji 8 games
      Bowling Green 8 games
      Ferris State 7 games (one Alaska exemption not used)
      Lake Superior 6 games (did not use Alaska exemption)
      Michigan Tech 10 games
      Minnesota State 8 games
      Northern Michigan 8 games


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