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  1. Spot on with point #1, but it’s not just NC opponents, it’s quality NC opponents. UML has plenty of NC teams left on their schedule (6 games left for a total of 10 NC gms), but only Harvard will likely help them in SOS when the PWR comes out. Was hoping to see the NCHC in either Denver or North Dakota on the schedule this year and got only Omaha, and while a they’re quality opponent, they are only one team. SOS has bitten UML in the butt in the past. I think back to only 2 yrs ago, when they missed the tournament by a single win (or likely a quality NC loss or tie). I’m thinking that somebody needs to explain this to their scheduler.

    • I agree with your observation that wins must come against quality NC opponents to impact PWR rankings.
      It can be very difficult to schedule quality NC games. Commitments for NC games are sometimes made two or three years in advance. I am sure Denver and North Dakota get many more requests to schedule NC games than they could possibly accept. I’m not sure how each program sets up their NC schedule, but long term relationships between schools / coaches seems to impact NC scheduling.

  2. Was at the game for UNH on Friday, and Gildon did look pretty special. Excellent shot on that kid. The third Van Reimsdyk brother looked really good as well. If Tirone can keep them in games and not let the goals come in bunches, they may have an interesting season.


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