Northeastern creates initiative, suspends athletics on Election Day so players can vote

No Northeastern athletics events of any kind will take place on Election Day, Nov. 3, the school announced Friday.

In conjunction with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and newly-formed Northeastern University Black Athletic Caucus, Northeastern will suspend all athletics activities on that day in just one initiative of a larger list of social justice action items for the organization.

“Social justice is an issue that transcends the sports world,” said Northeastern director of athletics and recreation Jeff Konya in a news release. “This initiative is a way for Northeastern athletics to elevate awareness and action and to amplify the voices of our constituents by ensuring the time to vote.”

All previously scheduled games, practices, workouts and team-related events will no longer take place on Nov. 3.

“Northeastern is dedicated to giving its over 400 student-athletes the opportunity to exercise their right to vote,” reads the release.

“On November 3rd, we all have the opportunity to enact change, and SAAC’s goal is to help educate ourselves as student-athletes on this exact opportunity,” said SAAC president Sammy Shupe. “Voting is one of the best outlets to use our voice to create a difference. Thus this is why student-athletes can use time away from mandatory athletic activity on Election Day in order to have the opportunity to vote in an educated manner. We truly appreciate the support of the administration in this initiative to encourage student-athlete voting.”

“As black athletes at Northeastern, we appreciate our administration taking action by suspending athletics on Election Day,” said Mide Oriyomi and Mayowa Osunami, co-presidents of the NUBAC. “Voting will create the change that is necessary in our community. Collective action is key to social solidarity amongst our society. For that reason, we encourage every student-athlete to vote.”