ECAC West Sticking With Current Format

A major proposal to have teams play each other three times per season starting in 2003-2004 was struck down by ECAC West athletic directors. Currently teams play each other twice per season in a home-and-home format. The proposed third game each year would have alternated home sites between the teams.

Athletic directors from the ECAC West schools were meeting last week in their annual conference. Only four of the six schools had representatives attend.

Some of the teams that were counting on the proposal being adopted, must now scramble to fill in those five games with non-league contests.

“I think it is time that the ECAC stepped in and took a little bit more interest in our league,” said RIT coach Wayne Wilson. “Just because our league dropped to four teams a few years back doesn’t mean we were dead. They abandoned us, in my opinion, so we’re trying to put the onus back on them.”