Providence Players Charged in Brawls, Suspended

Two Providence men’s hockey players were arrested recently and charged with assault for allegedly beating up several young men during brawls near the school’s campus in early October, according to the Providence Journal.

The players are freshman forwards Nate Meyers, 20, and Jason Bloomingburg, 19.

Meyers and Bloomingburg, in addition to a third player not identified by the school, have been suspended from playing several Friars games and placed on probation for the school year, according to a school spokesman.

Meyers was arraigned Nov. 14 on a charge of felony assault and released on $25,000 personal recognizance. Bloomingburg was arraigned the week prior on two charges of simple assault and one count of malicious mischief, and was released on $1,000 personal recognizance for each charge.

The brawls involved about 20 other students from other colleges, according to the school, but only the two Friar hockey players were charged by police.

According to police, on Oct. 5, Bloomingburg punched one man in the face during an argument on the street and later got into another fight with another man, punching him in the face and kicking the side mirror off his car.

The same evening, Meyers was part of a crowd of men who jumped two other men waiting for a cab, yelling “you don’t [expletive] with Providence College hockey players,” surrounding the two men, knocking them to the ground and kicking them repeatedly, police said.

According to the PC spokesman, the school conducted its own investigation and held hearings that decided on discipline for the players. Both players went on to play several games for the Friars before the suspensions were handed down.

Bloomingburg has played two games for Providence, including one week after the incidents on Oct. 12 against Iona and as recently as Nov. 9 against Northeastern.

Meyers has played seven games for the Friars, including a 5-3 win over Union six days after the brawls and as recently as Nov. 8 against Northeastern.

Each player has a goal and an assist for two points, with each scoring his first collegiate goal in the win over Iona.

The Friars (8-3-0) got off to a school record 7-0 start, but have dropped three of their last four games.