Merrimack Adds to Wilson Suspension

Merrimack coach Chris Serino has extended Jeremy Wilson’s one-game suspension an extra game.

Wilson was given an automatic one-game suspension following his game disqualification penalty last week against Boston University. Wilson, a forward, was called for charging BU goalie John Curry — though his game DQ was actually for grabbing the facemask of a BU opponent during the ensuing melee. Curry separated his shoulder on the play.

Serino was critical of his own player in the aftermath of that game, particularly in light of Merrimack’s own history with goaltender collisions. Serino evoked the memory of Joe Exter, the Merrimack goaltender who nearly died in a playoff game two years ago after a collision with Boston College’s Patrick Eaves.

“Us of all people. I’m very, very sensitive to goaltenders, and there’s no reason to hit a goaltender,” Serino said. “I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose, but it doesn’t matter. It will be more than a one-game disqualification; I can guarantee that.”

Serino stuck to that promise.

“After watching the film, I don’t think he tried to do it on purpose,” Serino told the Boston Herald. “But I think he could have done a better job of avoiding [Curry]. So I’ve suspended him for one (more) game.”