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Valley News on Dartmouth’s Sarah Parsons — the article captures the two things I’d associate with Parsons: she finds ways to score, and she’s not verbally or physically imposing. The last quote struck me a bit.

“She is experiencing college for the first time, and everything that goes with that,” Hudak said. “Her father was saying the other day, ‘She’s so excited to be here, rooming with somebody that’s her age, versus rooming with somebody who’s 30 years old and talking about their mortgage.’ ”

Wasn’t Yale’s Helen Resor her Olympic roommate?

Foster’s on UNH’s 2-0 win over Brown — As you’d expect, the Wildcats feel they’re headed in the right direction, although the team had greater expectations for itself.

Duluth News Tribune on Elin Holmlov — UMD coach Shannon Miller says freshman Holmlov could surpass Maria Rooth, the 2001 Frozen Four MVP and Team Sweden’s star player. Maybe in terms of talent, that’s possible. I see little chance that Holmlov will match Rooth’s impact on women’s college hockey from 1999-2003, however, simply because the talent now is so much deeper than it used to be, and Holmlov’s teammates aren’t going to be at the same level as those Rooth had the opportunity to play alongside — Erika Holst and Hanne Sikio (4 years), Jenny Potter (2 years), Caroline Ouellette (1 year), to name a few.