And We’re Off

There were enough games this past weekend to consider the Division II/III season officially underway, although some teams won’t start practicing for two more weeks. But let’s look at what did transpire over the weekend:

  • Cortland State is off to a 2-0 start after winning just four games all of last season. The SUNYAC Challenge champions allowed just one goal on the weekend with a 3-0 win over host Brockport and a 2-1 victory against Fredonia. The Red Dragons’ main weapon? Freshman goalie Ben Binga. Cortland was outshot 37-22 on Friday and 46-13 on Saturday. That’s 83 saves on 84 shots.
  • Morrisville kicked off its first season of varsity play the hard way on 10/15 at seventh-ranked Oswego. The Lakers outshot the Mustangs 53-11 en route to a 9-1 win. But thanks to some better goaltending, the results were respectable this past weekend with a 5-3 loss to fourteenth-ranked Geneseo and a 6-3 defeat at the hands of Number Twelve Plattsburgh. Travis Moore made 51 saves in the first game and 46 in the second. The Mustangs’ next games will be against the other new Division III school, Becker College, this weekend. Morrisville will face Becker four times this season out of its 17 NCAA games.
  • Oswego christened its new rink with a 3-2 win over Utica. A sellout crowd of 2.980 was on hand. I’m planning on being up there for the Pathfinder Bank Oswego Hockey Classic in December. I’m giving up a roadtrip with RIT to Army that weekend, but it’s just too good a tournament to pass up.
  • And finally, in the “I’m really old” department, I remember teaching the aforementioned Ben Binga in my seventh grade religious education class. And it seems like yesterday.


  1. Some good comments here Sullivan. Personally, I think Clarkson is still heavily underrated, given their numbers. Tenth best offense, sixth best defense, including two shut outs, and third best power play. True, it is against teams that are not competitive, but Yale LOST to Waterloo in the only game they have played this year; and they are the highest ranked of the ECAC’s. Clarkson has beaten every easy team by 3 or more points for the last four games straight.

    Props to Quin and Colgate though.

    • I don’t know. The way I see it, Quinnipiac has beat up on some of the better Atlantic Hockey teams, except for AF, RIT, and Niagara. Clarkson has done it on probably that conference’s two worst teams. I’m more impressed by their tie in Alaska than any of their wins.

    • Losing an exhibition game means nothing. All three goalies playing a period each and players who never saw the ice last year playing significant minutes only means that the coach was more interested in who deserves a look than what players will be in the lineup when the real games start

  2. I agree that many ECAC teams are currently overrated, but I don’t think they are far off based on the NC games we’ve seen so far. Union and Quinnipiac both deserve to be TUC, and Colgate should be right on the bubble as well. Yale and Cornell are just placeholders for now, and their positions will soon shift along with the rest of the ECAC in a few weeks after conference play begins. Clarkson might look OK on paper, but they need to play tougher opponents. Many people also predicted that Dartmouth should be higher than the Bobcats and the Raiders. 

    Still too early to tell I guess.

    • But Yale probably deserves to be ranked that high, as well as Cornell. Both are talented, but I guess we can’t really judge them until they play a game

    • It’s that time of year… Here come the gofer fans: Our kids are all mn… Our coach has better hair… We should get the title just for showing up…


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