Bowling Green – Producing D-III Coaches since 1988

Ron Fogarty’s recent appointment as head coach at Adrian college is another in a growing list of former BG assistant coaches who have moved into D-III coaching jobs. Here’s the list I came up with – feel free to send me more if I left anyone off:

  • Assistant Buddy Powers to RIT (1988)
  • Player and assistant coach Tom Pratt to New England College (1990)
  • Player and assistant coach George Roll to Oswego (1997)
  • Player and assistant coach Wayne Wilson to RIT (1999)
  • Player and assistant coach Brian Hills to Geneseo (2001)
  • Player and assistant coach Dennis Williams to Neumann (2004)
  • Assistant coach Ron Fogarty to Adrian (2006)

And for good measure, Eric Hoffberg left the head coaching position at RIT for an assistant job at Bowling Green in 1999, essentially exchanging positions with Wilson.

I’m sure other schools (BC comes to mind) have placed this many coaches around college hockey. But it’s interesting that a school in Western Ohio has produced a number of coaches in the ECAC West and SUNYAC.


  1. Nice write-up Paul, but I think you got you’re Wisco picks backwards! Please revise. Wisco sweep at the kohls! I’ll be taking Snifter to the game tonight! Anyone wanna meet up? I’ll buy you a beast ice! #WisconsonHospitality #ONEISCOSCONSON

  2. If you have BTN Plus you can see the OSU @ PSU games. Penn State’s student announcers are very good, so even though it’s not a full BTN telecast, it’s better than nothing, for those who can’t be there in person.

    • Decatur, I thought that Sparty might get one here but a shutty at Yost??? Minney needs to step-up and lead this team for them to have marginal success.

      • Hey Noke!
        It certainly was unexpected. And the skunk bears
        missed a few wide open nets.
        I was pleasantly surprised at the domination
        in the scUM zone.
        Still doesn’t mean TA should keep his job.


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