Poll Time

Tomorrow (November 6) USCHO will be publishing the first Division III poll of the 2006-2007 season. The preseason poll has been out for a few weeks, but now with the MIAC and NCHA fully underway, we’ve got enough games in to do a regular season poll. Look for a new poll every Monday (with a couple of exceptions around the holidays) for the rest of the season.

Here’s an article from the Burlington Free Press on Bill Beany’s and Mike McShane’s reaction to the preseason poll. Their teams don’t get underway for another couple of weeks.

So, what will the first poll look like? Well, expect Elmira (0-4) to move down, as well as Plattsburgh (2-2), St. Olaf (0-2) and Hobart (1-2). Who will take their places? Utica perhaps, or Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Check out an eighth grade math class’ prediction. Let’s see how that will compare to the real one, due out Monday night. Looks good to me!


  1. Great column! It’s gonna be a wild finish in HEA for sure.

    Good point on Lowell BUT if you redid each of Lowells Pairwise comparisons right now (which i just did) and added a loss for TUC to all of them Lowell would only lose 4 spots in the rankings. (Notre Dame, Denver, St Cloud and Nebraska Omaha). PWR of 10 is still pretty solid and as long as Lowell keeps up its RPI which gives them the tie breaker they’ll be fine.

  2. Probably worth noting in the “games in hand discussion”. All the games in hand noted are in comparison to BU, who themselves have a game in hand to BC. Not to mention UNH who has 2 games in hand to BC…I think I got that right. Tight race for sure! Apologies for my over-analysis.

    • Yes, the games-in-hand discussion was relative to BU since I’d said, “Following BC and UNH in the standings.” I was, for the time, granting BC and UNH the top two spots and was talking about the middle, which begins with BU. The games-in-hand discussion gets tortured, as you note, if you include BC and UNH in the mix.


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