BC threatens shorthanded

BC’s Dan Bertram got a quality shorthanded bid skating in on a 2-on-1. His five-hole bid, though, was stopped by Curry. 26 seconds left on the BU power play and 1:30 left in the game.


  1. Melrose and Buccigross (both of whom I like) are embarrassing themselves with their complete inability to call the Union BC game. I have to watch on mute.

    • If those are the same guys that called the Quinny-Canisius game, I did not care for them at all.
      I especially can not stand the dude with the Canadian accent (mind you, I don’t have a problem with Canadian accents).
      They may know hockey, but it seems like they haven’t been following college hockey at all.
      Same as last year, actually.

  2. This will be pretty cool.
    We could be looking at four teams who have never seen a FF before.
    And definitely a first-time champ.
    This is what makes this tournament so exciting!

    • Isn’t that sort of the concept behind an upset… most people didn’t expect it?

      Look at the Pickem results… only 2 people picked the first ten games entirely correctly. Out of more than 11,000 participants.
      No one who filled out a bracket had to follow the seedings. And while lots of people picked a significant upset or two (300+ people picked Yale over MN), most people agreed with the PWR seedings enough that they have only 7-9 points after 10 games.

      So I don’t think you can really blame the PWR.
      This is how upsets work.

  3. this years tournament is clearly demonstrating that the smaller conferences such as ECAC and to a lesser extent AHA can play with the big boys. MN, UND, and now it looks like BC will all fall. the teams that are winning are working their butts off. Congrats to Yale and UMass Lowell. I would have enjoyed seeing my Gophers vs Lowell, but Yale had other ideas, this years theme is bring your game, not your name

    • This Union team can really skate and Yale is great a grinding. I’m excited for UML/Yale and hope UML can face Union if both teams are so lucky.

      • lowell has talent and they are hungry, all of the teams still playing seem to be hungry. Melrose just said Lowell was in frozen last year, is that correct?

        • I remember last year those two said all kinds of stuff that was just wrong, or at least showed they are out of touch with college hockey.

          • this years tourney looks great for the future of the game. i hope this can lead to expansion, possibly in the big10 and elsewhere, and although i’m a Gopher fan, it is exciting to see new teams smaller programs thrive, you’re right about Melrose, he knows little about the college game. I hope NBC sports network gets in the game with a fresh objective approach to the game


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