All the Marbles

I’ll be liveblogging the finals from the pressbox high atop the Scottrade Center. As with the semifinals, there will be a separate blog post for each period. Reload to see updates as each period progresses.

Here are the line charts:

Michigan State Forwards:


Lerg-Mueller-McKenzie (starters)


Lawrence-McClellan (Michigan State using an extra defenseman)

Michigan State Defense:



Howells-Vukovic (starters)


Michigan State Goal:


Boston College Forwards:



Price-Greene-Gannon (starters)


Boston College Defense:


Filangieri-Motherwell (starters)


Boston College Goal:


0:00: It’s on.

4:46: Not many whistles, but no good scoring chances, either. Just one SOG so far.

9:46: The tempo favors Michigan State so far, but the Spartans take an interference penalty (Snavely).

11:46: Nice job on the PK by the Spartans and we’re back to even strength.

14:57: best chance so far for either squad. BC’s brock Bradford goes hard to the net, and after a scramble, Lerg gets his stick on the goal line, stopping a sliding puck that got under him. A review confirms no goal.

17:34: Now it’s the Eagles’ turn to take a penalty – Bertram for holding the stick.

17:51: A shorthanded chance by BC ends with a pushing and shoving in front of the Spartan net. Gerbe (BC) and Graham (State) go off.

19:27: Schnieder with a big glove save to keep things scoreless.

20:00: The first period is in the books. Shots in favor of BC 13-6, but the play was much closer than that.

I’ll be back in a new blog post with second period action.