All the Marbles

I’ll be liveblogging the finals from the pressbox high atop the Scottrade Center. As with the semifinals, there will be a separate blog post for each period. Reload to see updates as each period progresses.

Here are the line charts:

Michigan State Forwards:


Lerg-Mueller-McKenzie (starters)


Lawrence-McClellan (Michigan State using an extra defenseman)

Michigan State Defense:



Howells-Vukovic (starters)


Michigan State Goal:


Boston College Forwards:



Price-Greene-Gannon (starters)


Boston College Defense:


Filangieri-Motherwell (starters)


Boston College Goal:


0:00: It’s on.

4:46: Not many whistles, but no good scoring chances, either. Just one SOG so far.

9:46: The tempo favors Michigan State so far, but the Spartans take an interference penalty (Snavely).

11:46: Nice job on the PK by the Spartans and we’re back to even strength.

14:57: best chance so far for either squad. BC’s brock Bradford goes hard to the net, and after a scramble, Lerg gets his stick on the goal line, stopping a sliding puck that got under him. A review confirms no goal.

17:34: Now it’s the Eagles’ turn to take a penalty – Bertram for holding the stick.

17:51: A shorthanded chance by BC ends with a pushing and shoving in front of the Spartan net. Gerbe (BC) and Graham (State) go off.

19:27: Schnieder with a big glove save to keep things scoreless.

20:00: The first period is in the books. Shots in favor of BC 13-6, but the play was much closer than that.

I’ll be back in a new blog post with second period action.


  1. Trevino?-Nicastro?…..who ‘s running the show on Comm Ave?..waht kind of kid are they recruting?..Freddie in Greenwich

    Jack Parker
    Executive Director of Athletics/Head Men’s Ice Hockey Coach
    (617) 353-4639

    Mike Bavis
    Associate Men’s Ice Hockey Coach
    (617) 353-4696

    Buddy Powers
    Assistant Men’s Ice Hockey Coach
    (617) 353-4696

    Mike Geragosian
    Volunteer Assistant Coach


    Pertti Hasanen

  2. Union DOMINATING in all phases of the game. Hey ESPNU, can we drop the (NY) next to Union’s name?  It is THE Union College.  Any other Union playing D1 hockey?  Didn’t think so.

    • EXACTLY!  If you can find a UNION COLLEGE founded before 1795 then THEY can be THE Union College.  Till then, take off the NY – there is only 1.

      GO DUTCH or GO HOME!

  3. Congratulations to the Union Dutchmen!
    Let’s hear from the folks who gave poster “Union Tampa” a hard time here all week.
    He’s smarter than ya think.

    • Congrats to Union.  Got handed the easiest rode to the frozen four, but didn’t choke like many before them.  Hope they are ready for the big stage.  There are no easy games in the Frozen Four.  Good Luck.

      • That’s cause they were the no. 3 seed. “Big stage”? I’d say they’ve been dancing on it all weekend.  There are no easy games in the entireTournament, not just the FF.  Hockey in El Paso? Keep the borders safe…

        • Northern boy with deep hockey roots stationed at Ft Bliss.  There are regional games that are easier than others.  Does suck being this far south and not having the best access to college hockey.  NHL gets old.  P.S. we are keeping all the borders safe.  Props to the US military.

          • Look, if people want to continue to underestimate the Dutchmen then go ahead and watch them celebrate a National Championship.  They are in the Frozen Four and STILL get no respect.  GO DUTCH!!!

          • Yes they are, but Ferris State will be a much tougher opponent than than Lowell or Michigan State were.  And you are right we will continue to underestimate them until they beat someone like BC/UMD/Minn/UND when it counts.


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