Upon Further Review…

I guess if I’m going to write about how instant replay is used in college hockey, I best do my home work. In my blog posting earlier today, I wrote about how the Denver-Wisconsin game used instant replay to determine that Wisconsin’s tying goal came after the buzzer.

After a fellow USCHO staffer wrote me an email, though, I realized that a quick check of YouTube would’ve pointed me in the direction of the clip that clearly shows that the video review official totally botched the call. The tying goal, in fact, had entered the net when there was nearly a full second remaining. In fact, both officials stationed on the goal line indicate goal while there was still 0.2 seconds remaining on the clock.

So maybe this whole replay system isn’t beyond flaws.

But my question on this is why? How the heck did this get screwed up? Anyone who was at the game or has more insight should email me ([email protected]). I’m interested in learning more of how this play was so massively bothced.

The email I received referenced a couple of solutions on how to right this wrong. Included was that you award Wisconsin a point in the standings without taking anything away from Denver, so that the game would go as a tie for Wisco and a win for the Pioneers. Unfortunately, I believe that once a game has been deemed complete by the officiating crew, you can’t change the decision.

I’m sure similar to baseball and basketball (as we learned last week) there is likely a protest procedure in hockey. I know that in baseball, that protest has to be filed with the umpire before the next pitch. How the rules read in hockey, I’m not sure.

The one thing I do know, though, is whoever the official was who made the call needs to be reprimanded by the league. Video replay is a clear cut, black and white part of hockey (sometimes, as we see in the NFL, there is gray when there isn’t enough irrefutable evidence to overturn a call). But watching 50 seconds of YouTube makes it pretty clear to me that someone screwed up this call.

Again, if anyone has a different perspective on this than mine, please email me. I wasn’t at the game so everything I know is from third-party or YouTube.