Reaction Time

OK. The bids have gone out. Initial reactions:

1. Stout is a good choice. The Blue Devils got hosed last year, but this is more than a make-up call.

2. I hope the MCHA gets an auto-bid next year, so Adrian will have a real shot. Their strength of schedule killed them, and it won’t be much better next season, which isn’t Ron Fogarty and the Bulldog’s fault. He’s trying to get games, but is having a tough time due to the NCHA/MIAC scheduling arrangements. I think Adrian’s non-conference games next year are again Potsdam and Neumann as well as St. John’s. Fogarty is trying to put a tournament together, but it’s probably two years away from happening.

3. I’m wondering about UMass-Dartmouth hosting Trinity. Are the Corsairs the sixth or seventh seed in the East? I think they should be seventh, but they are hosting the play-in. Did Trinity not put in a bid? Remember that UMD got hosed last year and had to go to Middlebury instead of hosting, so this is payback in a way.

More to come.


  1. Maybe we should lay off short bus Russ aka #1wiscofan we all know he can count to potato and his mom finds him special in many different ways and helps him velcro his shoes every morning.

  2. Thanks for your work Brian. Here in MN, we just ended a flurry of high school tournaments. I look forward to the NCAA tourney so I won’t go through withdrawls just yet. Helps me get through the school year. :^) Go Sioux!!

  3. Considering how even our league is, both of you are doing pretty good with your picks. The easiest picks are usually when we play interleague.


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