SNC – Your New Champions

Lots more later. A well-earned victory by Tim Coghlin’s squad. Kyle Jones becomes the first goalie in D-III Frozen Four history to allow zero goals, posting his 24th and 25 career shutouts.


      • Skoff was outstanding in net for PSU last weekend. I mean “seeing the puck like it was a beachball” outstanding. Anything is possible if he keeps playing at that level and his defense continues making smart plays.

        • Agreed, anything is possible. Playing at home at Pegula and traveling over 3000 miles to play in Alaska, those are way different animals. Very few teams make that trip and come out with two wins.

          • He will do better as the team plays better in front of him. He was good at times last year and not so good at times. His opponents will be stronger this weekend so it will be a good test. As for best kept secret, with the likes of Wilcox, Rumple, Hildebrandt and Naglevoort in the the B1G how could he do anything *other* than fly under the radar?

          • True, the B1G is loaded in net. Skoff is totally under the radar, which should prove interesting when we get into league play. I agree that this weekend will be a good test not only for Skoff but for the PSU team.

        • I don’t believe you can even call it thinking. She had no problem picking the Gophs to lose last year. Didn’t turn out so well for her.

          • Agreed! If memory serves me correctly on three different occasions she said she wasn’t going to pick against the Gophers until they lost and then when they didn’t lose, she picked against them. Kinda makes you wonder.

    • Decatur, I believe that the ship is turned, Minn is loaded, those boys had to of made pact to stay. Other than that MSU plays with anybody in the B1G. No one likes a Hater, Decatur…

      • Noke, I’m not believing that “Ship has turned” stuff. Not yet. Playing with, and beating them are two very different things. We’ll see if MSU knows the difference. But for now…..not buying it.


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