In Stewie’s World …

… the festivities at the end of the second frame never would’ve happened.

No, not the tussle; that’s just hockey. I’m talking about what has become an overlooked tradition of sorts in college hockey: the post-period goalie support group. Most teams, BU included, have emptied their benches at the final buzzer and taken to the ice to congratulate (or pick up) their goalies before heading into the intermission.

ECAC Hockey Director of Officials Paul Stewart has decreed the whole event practice-non-grata, ordering his officials to call protocol infractions on any team engaging in the performance.

Since the Terriers are technically the home team in this tilt, no infraction was called … but the Harvard bench conspicuously stayed put, as they have been ingrained to do, while BU was all over the ice.

Incidentally, BU fans break out the “You’re a Racist” chant at refs Peter Feola and John Murphy (ECAC guys, by the way) for whistling Yip again, this time for slashing. Harvard PP.