The Game Thus Far

Northeastern may as well have signed a lease on the first period; aside from the 5×3, it was a Paint It Black period. However, the two-man-up goal can’t be discounted, and it maintained BU’s place in this crazy affair. The Terriers appeared hesitant and anxious, and boasted few momentum-building moments.

Millan looks more confident than he did last week, but the BU bench must be praying that he’s not the deciding factor in this game. Northeastern is simply too potent.

On the Northeastern side, the white-sweatered hounds are trying to reassert themselves after a gangbusters introduction. Their fate could be decided by how they react to a deficit despite massive energy exertions on their part.

Jack Parker seems to have settled the boys between periods, as the Scarlet & White no longer appear to suffer from the yips (the nervous affliction, not Brandon). The passes are sharper, the play more poised, and we currently stand at 2-1 CommAve Canines. The teams are even at 11 in shots.