Who Is In, Who Is Out? Early Possibilities, or What I Believe May Be The Case.

It’s onto the tournament championship rounds. So with the help of our Pairwise Predictor, we can look at a couple of things and take some early looks at what some possibilities are.

This is more commonly known as “What I Believe May Be The Case”.

Because the Pairwise is a moving target with numbers, there are a lot of scenarios out there. Therefore I encourage you to feedback with scenarios.

I am going to list some things that are early, tentative and they are “What I Believe May Be The Case”.

So I say it with this caveat, if you can find a way to make me not “Believe” it, please comment with the scenario. Thanks!

– I Believe that the Top 7 are in. Denver, Miami, Wisconsin, Boston College, North Dakota, St. Cloud, Bemidji.

– I have been able to get Ferris State out of the tournament.

– I have not been able to get Cornell and Yale out of the tournament as of yet, but I think that there are scenarios that can leave either team out, I just have not found them. It may or may not be the case.

– I have been able to get Minn.-Duluth into the tournament, even if it loses the Quarterfinal game on Thursday.

– Northern Michigan, Alaska, Vermont and New Hampshire are in or out depending on results. All stand decent chances of making it.

– I Believe that Michigan, Maine, BU, Union, St. Lawrence, Brown, Canisius, Air Force, Sacred Heart and RIT must win its tournament to get in.

– I’ve tried to get Michigan State in, but I can’t seem to do so. I’m close, but haven’t been able to quite get there.

– I Believe that Colorado College, Minnesota, UNO and Mass.-Lowell can not make the tournament.

– I Believe that the TUCs will be what we see presently, except for 3 cases. RIT can be replaced by either Massachusetts or St. Lawrence. Massachusetts if RIT does not win the semifinal game, and St. Lawrence only if SLU wins the ECAC and RIT does not win the AHA crown. Northeastern can also be a TUC in situations where RIT does not win the semifinal.

If you can find scenarios that make me not believe the above statements, please let me know.

Enjoy playing with the Pairwise Predictor.