Miami’s Miele wins the 2011 Hobey Baker Award

Miami senior forward Andy Miele became the first RedHawks player to win the Hobey Baker Award, announced Friday at the Xcel Energy Center, site of the 2011 Frozen Four.

Miele, the CCHA’s player of the year, leads the nation in points (71) and assists (40). He was named CCHA player of the year, as well as a first-team All-American. Miele led the RedHawks to the CCHA playoff title and was named MVP of the CCHA tournament.

“I’m so honored to accept the Hobey Baker Award on behalf of myself and Miami University,” Miele said. “It shows how much [Miami] can develop players. They have great coaches and a great program.”

Boston College’s Cam Atkinson and North Dakota’s Matt Frattin rounded out this year’s “Hobey Hat Trick.”

After winning the award, Miele talked about a season of firsts for Miami. “[Winning the Hobey] is huge for the program,” he said. “It’s another first this year, along with winning CCHA championship. Hopefully, they can win a national championship in the next few years.”

The award capped a four-year career with the RedHawks that saw Miele rack up 160 points in 141 games.

“I always wanted to be the best that I can be; whether that’s being the best player in college hockey or not, I just try to be the best I can be,” he said.

The Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich., native recently signed an entry-level contact with the Phoenix Coyotes.

“It’s been a great experience so far,” he said. “It’s a great group of coaches and players, and I’m pretty excited.”


Andy Miele on what it means to be “the best:”

Cam Atkinson on his transition to the pro game:


Matt Frattin on his day as part of the Hobey Hat Trick:


The crowd reacts:



    • As a UND fan I would have to disagree. They were both deserving and either could have one, so no, I thought Frattin should win but do not think he was robbed when Miele was chosen. Congrats, Andy. Hope to see you in AZ soon.

    • Quit it momma. Andy is very deserving. The entire hat trick is phenomenal. Frattin is a heck of a player and has a bright future. Set your bias aside and lose with class. Frattin has overcome a lot and should be recognized for it, but give credit to Andy on his unbelievable season. His 71 points is the best since Sejna and Kunitz. Congrats to Miele, Frattin and Atkinson on great seasons.

  1. As a Sioux fan I was fairly confident that Miele would win, he has the most points since the 02-03 season which cannot be ignored (even if two-thirds of them were assits, they are still points). However, I will argue that Frattin is by far the most NHL ready player. He is playing tomorrow (saturday) night in the NHL already. Miele is a well deserved winner, best of luck to all 3 finalists in the future. And to Frattin, you’ve come a long way- don’t stop now!! Rip the NHL up like Oshie and Toews!!!

  2. nowhere on the official hobey website,
    or anywhere on the web per google,
    can i find a listing of the
    24 member selection committee?
    who knows ???

    • Only the 24 a Hobey staffers know. It is held close to the vest but members are coaches, officials and past Hobey winners.

  3. Good win for Miele. And very touching to see the Frattin family. Thank goodness Atkinson didn’t win, especially after the presentation with his family. How he was ever considered for the award is a mystery. He, his father, and his brother have been charged with an assault on 3 bicyclers. They are from one of the richest cities in America (the average home in Greenwich is worth $1.7 millon). And if that little side show about his family setting up a charity with U2’s Bono wasn’t the most bald faced attempt to buy the Hobey Baker, I don’t know what was. That was disgusting. Thank God the committee saw through that.

    • obviously someone has never gotten access to the internet, or police reports, or school reports (how did they post this then?) hahahaa

  4. The real question here is if Miele and Frattin switched stats, would Miele still have won the Hobey? Last I checked goals are worth more than assists. College hockey hands out assists like candy on Halloween. I’m not saying Miele isn’t worthy, but I think Frattin is the better player and should have won it. As far as Atkinson goes, Connelly should have been sitting in his seat.

      • same can be said of Frattin’s overall game- shot, physical ability, etc.. Frattin will easily be the most successful of the 3 in the next 5 years. (if you think i’m biased, please read my post above about how Miele deserved the Hobey, thanks)

    • so you’re saying that paul kariya shouldn’t have won the hobey baker scoring 100 points (75 of them being assists)? you’re an idiot….assists are just as good/important as goals. BTW…did frattin even play in the semi-final game vs michigan? never even heard his name

    • Did you ever think that Frattin might actually get more assists if he was better at passing? A majority of the assists he had were off of rebounds that his teammates put in. He shoots … He has a great shot so he should shoot the puck … But don’t discredit a guy like Miele who knows how to create by making great passes. Miele had the better stats and the better season. The Sioux had a better result as a team. So Frattin and the Sioux get their Frozen 4 appearance and Miele gets his well deserved Hobey Baker award.

    • Last time I checked the ‘points’ column was determined by adding the ‘goals’ and ‘assists’ columns. I put those in quotes for you because they seem to be terms your unfamiliar with.

  5. I wish all three of these fantastic hockey players (on and off of the ice) the very best as they transition to the pro level. I’ll be looking for you guys on ESPN, NESN, etc.

  6. Matt, I’m so sorry I robbed you blind of this award. I feel so horrible about winning this award knowing it was largely based on a fantastically biased field. Anyway, if it’s an consolation, we both know you will be receiving a much bigger check in the NHL….if I can get out if the AHL ranks that is. Talk to you later Matt, I’m so sorry the Hobey committee is so unbelievably narrow minded….oh well…I guessed it worked out for me…what can I say? Oh, before I go, can you show me how to shoot the puck so incredibly hard this summer? I gave a feeling my fancy stick work won’t fool anybody other than the fairly compromised CCHA league I racked up all those assists in….:). Thanks for your time Matt, just know you are my hero….Hobey or not.

    • Hmm. I definitely dislike this comment. Frattin is a phenomenal hockey player. Deserving of the recognition. So is Atkinson. But even as a Sioux fan I have to say that Miele was the most deserving of the group. Congrats Andy! FYI GUEST Frattin is playing in against Montreal tomorrow. Let it be. And let it be known that Miele was the best NCAA player this year. Still, Go Sioux Go!

    • Thanks for your time, guest. Just know you are a disgrace to Grand Forks and the fans that make up the college hockey community.

    • How fitting that the coward who wrote this had to make it anonymous. The best player in college hockey is Andy Miele.

    • By the way, Miele signed with Phoenix and the numbers look very good. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good old fashiioned Sioux rant. The more I hear from idiots like you, see the a-hole fans on TV and hear about the holes punched in the walls after Sioux losses; the less respect I have for the Sioux program or the education offered at the university.

  7. To be honest, I’m a little surprised there aren’t more North Dakota fans making a case for Frattin. I would’ve said Frattin should’ve won it, though I never did see Miele play. I did get the honor of seeing Frattin play while he came up here to Orono. Best of luck to all of them!

  8. miele deserved to be the hobey baker winner. he had a great year and led the country in scoring…which is basically how they choose the winners (there are cases where they choose differently). frattin is a good player…probably more suited to be a better NHL player than miele. but guess what? this award is for the best player in ncaa for that season, not an award for who is going to be better at the nhl level. sioux fans are so dumb….so glad they lost to a much worse michigan team.

  9. As a North Dakota fan it would be easy to cry east bias. Its painfully obvious the press loves their east teams. However Duncan won the Hobey on a year it could have gone a different way. So this voting committe I don’t think is biased. “Most” everyone seems to agree Frattin was the best player even though Miele had a few more points. So the question is why not give it to him. Unfortunately his actions away from the ice likely cost him this award. John Madden always says in the NFL dont give the award until the season is over because MVP’s are made during that stretch. I agree, Matt over the past month has been by FAR the better player. Even though UND did not bring home the championship Miami’s playoff run was weak. So instead of biased I would call the committe a little spineless. They did the policitally correct pick. Was Miele deserving, absolutely. If I had no allegience to either who would I have voted for. Matt Frattin, easily.

    • You’re right. Drunk driving in Saskatoon and throwing lawn furniture in to the street while hammered in Grand Forks likely had something to do with him not winning. Better find something on that barren wasteland up there for your players to do when they are not playing or there will be more cases of drunk players walking across campus drunk in flip-flops getting severe frostbite.

      • because I am sure no other college kid/player from any other school ever gets into any trouble or does anything wrong.

    • I think you need to look at Miele’s stats down the stretch. Not sure how you can say Frattin was better over the past month. Miele carried Miami into the playoffs by factoring into roughly half the team’s goals.

      • Not sure about how many of those were 1st assists and how many were 2nd assists, but surely it is easier, in most cases, to get an assist than to actually score the goal. Many times an assist can simply be giving the puck to a guy in your own end, then watching him go in and score. I’m not saying that Miele did that, but assists can be very misleading, as college seems to almost always give a second assist to each goal. No question that Mr Frattin was the most dominant player in college this year, but that does not always translate into the Hobey. You don’t usually say the guy with the most assists was a dominant force, but certainly he is a great playmaker and deserving of the accolades he has recieved. Congrats to Mielefor a great season and good luck to Frattin in the NHL.

        • I don’t have a horse in this race, and I think all three had great seasons. I think either Frattin or Miele would have been deserving, but I do question your logic that assists are so easy to come by. If that were the case wouldn’t Frattin have had a lot more since he was on one of the hightest scoring teams in the country? Add that to the fact that no one in 7 years has racked up as many points as Miele did this year, and you still feel the need to minimize Miele’s achievements. Seems like you are reaching just a bit.

        • Siouxoerman- did you ever see Miele play?….. I thought not. Andy Miele was the most dominate player in college hockey this year.

          I now know why the sioux and their ignorant fans (most of them) are the most hated in the WCHA (and probably the NCAA). Miele won the Hobey, deal with it….your team lost to Michigan….deal with it.

          I was at the FF this weekend and 8 out the 10 siouxage I ran into were rude, obnoxious and mouthy. The other 2 out of 10 were aoplogizing for the others behavior. Great year Andy!

  10. Leave it to the North Dakota fans to fill this with whining. Congratulations to the whole Miele family as I’m sure mom and dad did a lot of sacrificing along the way!

  11. I am Andy’s grandma and our family is thrilled. He is a great young man with a wonderful spirit. He can read the ice like no one else.

    • Grandma, when did Andy start playing and what are his interests outside of hockey? He seems like a nice young man. Best of luck to him on and off the ice.

  12. Miele absolutely deserved this award. I can’t believe people think Frattin lost because of his off ice issues LAST YEAR. That is not the case and did not factor into it. If it was an issue, Frattin would not have been in the top 3. Besides, what defines character? Doing the right thing 100% of the time? Or being a man, admitting your mistakes, learning form them and growing into a better person? The fact is Miele simply had a better year on the ice, and met or exceeded the requirements in the other categories. Sure Frattin scored more goals, you can argue that his goals were in bigger spots even. But 71 points is huge and on top of that, listening to Miele speak you could tell the committee made the right call. Congrats Andy. As a Sioux fan of course I was rooting for Frattin, but you deserved this honor this year and I am happy with the outcome.

  13. Me thinks assists are needed to score goals. Miele better season than Frattin, and apparently a bit better behaved off the ice.

  14. Dear Golden: Obviously you are a gopher fan. Good news for you. You can get back to a winning record playing Penn State and Ohio State instead of North Dakota, Denver, CC, Duluth and Omaha. Hope you enjoy your new EAST league. LOL

  15. I am a die hard sioux fan and I believe Miele deserved the award. Frattin did have a fantastic year but Miele’s entire body of work made him the best choice. I do not even care who will be the best pro because last time I checked this was a college award. They do not give out the Heisman based on who will be the best pro so why should hockey be any different. Congrats Andy and as always GO SIOUX!


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