National champion UMD finishes season in poll’s No. 1 spot

Minnesota-Duluth, fresh off their first national championship win last Saturday night, finish the season ranked No. 1 in the final Division I Men’s Poll after receiving 48 of 50 first place votes.

The Bulldogs were last ranked No. 11 back on March 21.

No. 2 North Dakota had the other two first place votes, while national runner-up Michigan finishes the season ranked third.

Notre Dame, the other Frozen Four participant, winds up fourth, Boston College fifth and Yale at No. 6.

Denver (No. 7), Miami (No. 8), New Hampshire (No. 9) and Merrimack (No. 10) round out the top 10.

Colorado College finishes 11th, Union 12th and Western Michigan at No. 13. Nebraska-Omaha stays put at No. 14, as does Dartmouth at No. 15.

The bottom five show a slight change from the March 21 poll with Rensselaer finishing at No. 16, Boston University at 17, Air Force up two to No. 18, Maine to 19 and Cornell finishing No. 20.


  1. what a joke…souix goes down without a score…michigan gets a goal robbed from them and come in third…..HE officials are very poor……congrats UMD GOOD JOB IN TOURNEY

    • Yeah, even as a Sioux fan I can’t understand giving them a first place vote. That is weak to say the least and very disrespectful of UMD. I can maybe see giving them a #2 vote if you felt like they were better than Michigan (not saying that I necessarily agree with that but I could see a voter making that call). Congrats to UMD and coach Sandelin.

  2. “what a joke…souix goes down without a score…michigan gets a goal robbed from them and come in third…..HE officials are very poor……congrats UMD GOOD JOB IN TOURNEY”
    In single elimination hockey, anyone can win any game. Hunwick stole the UND game and they rightfully deserved their spot in the Nat. Champ. game, but UND would win that match up 4 out of 5.

    Mich. was not robbed of a goal…the puck disappeared under Reiter, the ref was in the process of blowing it dead, the puck was pushed in while he was doing so. It was the right call.

    The rest of the game, I thought, was called well. Michigan took a lot of deserved penalties. The ‘hitting after the whistle’ called on UMD was a poor call as the Michigan player leaned into the UMD player and lost his balance…should not have been called.

    You lost, get over it.

  3. This poll is only for the media to wrap up a season and maybe for a program to use in recruiting or chest thumping. Bottom line is this none of the 16 teams in this years field could care less about their season ending ranking unless it involved a national championship trophy in their trophy case and a banner raising ceremony next season on their home ice. The only ranking that matters is UMD won it all fair and square. It is a well deserved victory for the university, the program, players, coaches, their families and fans. The great hockey community of Duluth, MN finally gets their due. Like I said before, I am lifelong resident of Michigan and supporter of the Michigan Hockey program. Very proud of the boyz run this year. Congrats again UMD for a great championship run and tremendous hockey. It time for all of us college hockey fans to recognize great hockey and stop the back and forth bs. I also want to congratulate the UND and ND programs as well fro their great seasons and championship run. Cannot wait until Oct!

  4. That is a joke, UMD won the Tournament “on the ice”, how can these 2 IDIOTS deprive them of a #1 vote?

    To think that someone would compromise the process just to ensure someone of a #2 finish instead of a deserved #3 finish???

    USCHO should publicize the ballots and their owners; then College Hockey Fans can ridicule the voters! Those 2 people would look pretty foolish when their final ballots were publicized.

    Just my 2 cents!

    • Don’t think that there is any chance that the voters would have known that by giving UND a single first place vote it would ensure they finish #2. No way they could have known where UND or any other team would have finished.

  5. I am and have been a Sioux Fan for 50 plus years that being said, I hope you noticed all the green clad fans cheering for Duluth Great nrelationship, only hate each other for a couple of hours that being game time.. hoooray to the Bulldog team and to Scott Sandelin real class act Also former (Sioux)


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