Minnesota ascends men’s poll to No. 1 ranking

With 32 of 50 first-place votes this week, Minnesota is the new No. 1 in the USCHO.com Division I Men’s Poll.

Last week’s top-ranked team, Boston College, slides to No. 2, but also received 15 first-place votes.

Colorado College is down one to No. 3, Michigan falls to No. 4 and garnered one first-place vote. Western Michigan is No. 5 this week, down one place from last week.

Merrimack, the nation’s only undefeated team, rises one to No. 6 and had the other two first-place votes.

Notre Dame, Ferris State, Union and Minnesota-Duluth round out the top 10.

Lake Superior State holds steady at No. 11, Denver falls four spots to No. 12, as does new No. 13 Yale. Northern Michigan jumps three to No. 14 and Michigan Tech rises one to No. 15.

Boston University falls four to No. 16, previously unranked Dartmouth enters the rankings this week at No. 17, Colgate and Quinnipiac remains No. 18 and No. 19, respectively, and North Dakota drops five to come in at No. 20 this week.


  1. Strange year. 4 of top 10 from CCHA. Minnesota  on top, where it hasn’t been in 6 years  and Michigan Tech in top 15 where it has not been in 20.

  2. Nice to see them back to where the program belongs!  One thing I notice on this board is the constant referral to “are the Gophers for real?”….I’d rather just say “the gophers are back!”.

    • your riding a hot goalie and a freshman, it would be great for UofM if it kept going all season, but the oppisite of the sioux they start fast and end slow… also goalies and freshman are the streakiest people on the ice…

      • yeah, patty certainly is hot right now, but I’d say they’re also riding a hot “team” not just Rau.  Rolling 4 lines, high scoring from 6-7 guys, not just the freshman phenom, and Haula still leads the country w/o scoring in his last three games.   Sioux will be there at the end, they’ve proven they always are!  But last time this team played this way was ’02….that was a good year.  I’m sure Patty will have a hiccup or two, hopefully no more than two!

  3. How does Nothing Dakota stay in the top 20.  Look at any measure — RPI, KRACH, actual record — and they’re at the bottom.  Team gets by on reputation and fans bullying on sites like this

    • Who cares? It’s the second week of November.  Unless I am mistaken, polls don’t matter until the final Pairwise in March.  So why waste your post on a 20th ranked team at this point?  Even if the Sioux were ranked number 1 and undefeated people would still complain about it. And yes I get there are Sioux rubes out there who live in their parents basement and have nothing better to do than antagonize others, but that is not why the TEAM is ranked 20th. And they by no means represent the other 99% of us.  #occupyUSCHO :)

      • What a hypocrite you are dude. You were among the nuts obsessed about Yale’s rankings last year. Every week you moaned about them and the ECAC. Nice to see you change your tune when it is convenient

        • When did I ever comment about Yale? I could care less about them…must have me mistaken for someone else.  At no point did I ever say UND should be ranked in their place or give a crap about them being ranked number 1.  In fact I had the same position I do now; it doesn’t matter where a team is ranked in the polls in November.  It’s always fun as a fan to see your team ranked high, but it means nothing.  Never changed my position on that regardless if my team is the one ranked up there.  Nice try though.

    • just wait till the end of the season, they always seem to start slow and finish strong…. and they have played some good teams so far. 

    • Good point!  I’m not fan of Ohio St., however, if they are 6-3, should
      they not be well ahead of a team that is 3-6?  I’ll say it now and I guess
      I will have to say it many times more before the leagues realign.
      — the CCHA is no cup cake league.

  4. Wow, I am a new comer to this site and I am shocked by all the Sioux haters.  Lets get one thing straight….no one can argue the history of the Sioux’s program.  Yes, I agree that this year has not started off the best but come on; they have been up there for over a decade.  I do have respect for MN players as that state produces more hockey players than all other states combined BUT their hockey program has been pretty weak (UM I mean) for some time now.  This is not a time to get all cocky just because you beat the Sioux on a down year.

    • I’d be careful saying how great its been this past decade for UND when UM has 2 Nat’l titles to their zero?
      And how is it any different to be all excited about your team while the Gophers are down, but Minnesota fans can’t be excited while your team is down?  Your comment makes no sense.

        • Since 2001, including post-season, ND has won 20 match-ups, MN has won 18, and they have tied 3 times.  ND edge, but pretty close actually.

      • When’ the last time they even made it to the NCAA tournement?  With a state that produces more talent than all others combined.

        • It’s been a while.  Probably because the MN talent gets lured up to Grand Dorks with pictures of leather seats paid for by casinos and promises of greatness.  But after 11 years of falling flat on their face, maybe the latest classes of MN talent are finally staying where they belong; The land of 10000 lakes, 5 NCAA DI hockey programs, the currently #1 ranked team and the 2011 National Champs.

          • it’s a complete pissing contest…..look at what we did from ’91-’01.  You are pulling out one decade of about 6-7.  We have made the postseason every year and have been to the frozen 4 like 6 times. I know MN has a great program…but you guys have been down….even though you get to pick from the cream of the crop.  Poor mgmt I guess.

      • it isn’t all about national titles, look at the players that have come through UND. 

        And the difference is we have been talking trash at the end of the year and during the playoffs as well. Gophers are doing it now in november like they just won something and have been around in contention for the last 7 years.  We talk now because we know our team and our history and how we always start slow.  They are talking now because its the first time they have had a chance to in a LONG time.  go listen to your local sports broadcasters on the home of gopher sports (am1500espn), they were at the UND UofM games last weekend and they even talk about how UND isn’t playing good but is a good team and will be around in the end. 

        Its refreshing to hear some respectful comments from professional fans, take note and learn something from them. 

    • Not a Goof or Sue fan… But, don’t think Goof fans are cocky because they beat a weak Sue team, they are probably cocky because the Goofs are ranked #1, and have suffered only one loss this season.  Second, it’s not just Goof fans that hate the Sioux, it’s almost everyone else.  It’s not because you like to quote your NCAA titles from yesteryear, or because you get ranked with a losing record, although those things don’t help…  It is strictly because you are demented when it comes to the ability of your team, and your fans, many who have nothing else to root for in North Dakota, act as though the WCHA Final Five somehow equals the Superbowl or World Series to the rest of us who live in civilized areas of the country.  It is rude to chant “Sue” before the national anthem is completed, it is embarrasing that your logo is copied from a prestigious university, it is downright stupid to assume that your team is going to win a national championship before the puck drops in the first game of the Frozen Four.  Like it or not, many of the “Sue Army” act this way.  Well, no titles for you in over a decade, and not much to be cocky about.  Minnesota has wrapped up 2 since your last.  Other WCHA schools have wrapped up 4 more.  Admit the fact that the “Sue” are not the best team ever, admit that other teams are better than your team when they are, stop demeaning the national anthem and all that have sacrificed for our country, and just be fans of the great sport of hockey.  Then, maybe then, people will stop picking on you.

      •  “It is rude to chant “Sue” before the national anthem is completed… ” Have you ever listened to the gofer-nation as the Anthem concludes?   Pay attention, you may learn something.
        The current logo was designed for UND by an American Indian.

        We assume NOTHING except that most chin-dribbling gofer fans hate Sioux Fans.

        The gofers ARE a good hockey team (THIS YEAR), and they deserve fans like the Sioux Faithful, not these trash-talking, mouth-breathers that can’t find the MN campus on a map and post on this site…

        The Sioux are hated due primarily to success of the program and jealousy of the best arena on the planet…

        • In reply…

          I have not been to a goofer game as I am not a fan.  I have however, been to the actual greatest hockey arena on the planet, the Xcel Energy Center for several final fives and a frozen four.  Each time, the only interruption to our nation’s anthem that I’ve ever heard comes from the overweight, snaggle-toothed cow-tippers from the flat land state of Sue.

          The current logo is almost identical to the previous logo that was ripped off from “THE University of Notre Dame.” 

          According to the 2010 Academic Ranking of World Universities, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities ranked 28th out of the more than 1000 international institutions recognized.
          The University of North Dakota did not crack the top 500 that were listed.
          Who’s chin is dribbling?

          I could care less if the Goofs are good or not.  In my opinion, the WCHA has long favored and given breaks to the Goofs, Sue and Badgers.  The only programs I like to see suck more than the Goofs are the 1-team states of Bison and Cheese.

          The University of Michigan by championship standards are the MOST successful (D-I) hockey program in the country.  If your statement holds water, the Goofs should also be trash talking them.  Don’t see it.  Also, the MOST successful college hockey program in the country at any level resides in MN.  The BSU Beavers have won 13 college national championships.

          Finally, no one in MN, with the possible exception of the SCSU Huskies, is jealous of the Ralph.  Amsoil, Sanford Center, Mariucci and the like are beautiful COLLEGE hockey arenas.  They were built to house COLLEGE hockey teams and are amazing to watch COLLEGE hockey in.  MN already has a PROFESSIONAL hockey arena for it’s PROFESSIONAL hockey team.  By the way, the Xcel Energy Center is rated by ESPN as the 3rd best sports venue experience in the nation.  First on the list is Target Field, also in MN.  No, the Ralph was not number 2, not even on the list.  Also, the COLLEGE hockey arenas in MN were paid for by the universities and the citizens of MN, not some ego-maniac idiot who donated money after stealing it from working stiffs with gambling issues.

          •  Only a true waste to society would insult the honor of a man who is not on this earth to defend himself.  Mr. Englestad donated the arena because he didn’t feel that expenses that large should be drained from education or the hard working people of the community.  His wife felt the same way and added on the volleyball and basketball complex.  And since you are all about MSP.  The Excel isn’t paid for, Target field isn’t paid for, and the expense for those venues is draining a state budget and financially strapped public.  The governor and state government think it can fund a football stadium on top of it!  The Ralph is paid for and it didn’t rob taxpayers of money they don’t have.

          • I think it’s because without the donation, the Sue would have never been able to build a competitive arena on their own.  And without a competitive arena you wouldn’t have a competitive hockey team, and without a competitive hockey team, well, you would have….   ????

          • So by your reasoning, you are admitting that Minnesota wasn’t a competitive Division I team until the Mariucci Morgue was built!  It is good that you can admit your wrong, you are showing some real growth.

          • 7 national championships and non of them in the ralph… how were they not competitive without it?

            I remember a game in the old ralph where an hour before the game the student section was already full and yelling and chanting in unison for the entire hour before the game.  “F the Gophers” was loud and only stopped when they scored on their own goalie in pregame warm ups… the rodents were almost in tears before the game started. 

            That was a far more intimiditing environment

        • If everything is so great in the God forsaken land of No Dak, why must you take 1/2 your players from mn, the other 1/2 from canada and infultrate our bars with your fans, stay home and recruit yer own kids.  Someone show me a list of national champions without a Minnesota grad on it, it will be be a short list.

          • I second this, one thing NoDak (nor any other team in college hockey) will have is state pride.  Historically, the gophers recruit entirely within the state, only recently have they looked for players elsewhere (there is currently only 3 players not from minnesota).  NoDak takes half their players from canada, and half from minnesota, how do you cheer on the sioux and the pride of your state with that?

          • As a fan of neither the Sioux or the Gophers, I just want you to realize something.  How can you expect North Dakota to pump out hockey players like Minnesota.  There are more people in Minneapolis and St. Paul than in the entire state of NoDak.  Be realistic. Of course they will pick up kids from Canada, Grand Forks is what, 70 miles from the Canadian border.  Everybody on this website is bashing NoDak.  Sounds like the Gopher fans are the ones that are poor sports and lack class.  Just read the comments on this page.   I am going to cheer for the Sioux after reading this crap.

          • Population is an irrelevant argument.  Minnesota puts out more hockey players than any other state, the only ones coming close include Michigan, Massuchusetts, and New York, all with significantly higher populations.  Yet minnesota somehow finds a way to make a good team with homegrown players.  And if the sioux were the no. 1 team, this article would have the exact same comments, only anything involving minnesota or gophers would be replaced with north dakota or sioux, and vice versa.  they’ve just shut up because they know their current team  is bad.

          • You just proved yourself to be as classless as Sioux fans then.  So stop your whining and cheer for your team without whining and ragging on aother teams.  Population is very relevant in this argument because you keep bitchin about NoDak and how they don’t produce hockey players like your beloved goofers.  You made it relevant with your statements.  And I have been to Minnesota hundreds of times and they are fatter,have less teeth and feed off of the economy more than any other state I have been to.  So shut up.

          • Where in Minnesota have you been?  Not anywhere I know of…  Second, it is good to feed off the economy.  Did you mean the government?  Third, if it sucks in Minnesota so bad, why do you keep coming hundreds of times?  Please stop visiting then. I have been to ND once for a wedding.  No reason to go back if you ask me.

          • I know right!   Nothing but friendly, happy go lucky north dakotans that love nothing better than to stay the F away from people like you…  

          • That is HILARIOUS. Minnesota is rated as the 13th “fittest” (not fattest) state in the union. WELL ahead of #29 North Dakota (not including Wash D.C.).
            Aside from that, according to Money Magazines “Top Places to Live” 2010, Minnesota had 5 out of the Top 20, including the #1 place in Eden Prairie. So, that means that 1/4 of the Top 20 places to live are in Minnesota. Also Minnesota has had 3 “Miss Americas” as opposed to North Dakotas ZERO!!!
            The cities of Mpls/St. Paul consistently rank as 2 of the “Most Literate” cities in the nation. Most recently, Minneapolis ranked 3rd and St. Paul 7th respectively.
            Also, North Dakota ranked DEAD LAST, that’s right…#50, as far as Most Attractive Residents. Minnesota was #32, but that is still a HELL of a lot better than being DEAD LAST!!! http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2010/01/29/best-looking-states.html
            I think it is you that needs to shut up!!! 

          • Do you honestly believe your little internet polls.  Good god.  There are more illiterate in North  Minneapolis than in all of NoDak.  Plus gangbangers, murderers, pimps and filth.  Keep digging for results that make you happy. 

          • The daily beast was started in Feb 2011… thats like asking a 5th grader their opinion on international economics.  The only thing more stupid than that is the person who listens to the 5th grader.  And a lot of those nice places to live feed off the untra liberal left wing infested twin cities, sister city in political stance and action to san francisco! 

            And last I could tell, miss america, reading, and being a top place to live don’t help you in the ice, minnesota’s proirities have been wrong and it shows from their lack of success in the past few years. 

            and if its okay with you, lets talk hockey here, keep your other opinions on the  huffington post.

          • Go for it fool…   Just remember, it goes like this…  “Land of the free, and the home of the… “Sue!”  But you have to say it like a snaggle-toothed tool…

          • Our state is much smaller, we cannot simply recruit from within….not possible.  We do keep much of the northern MN kids though.

          • No Goofer team has won a National Title without a North Dakota Player on the team!  Not to mention the 02/03 team had a European and a NoDak.

          • Wrong!  Another thing they failed to teach you in Grand Dorks…  The 1974 championship team had all MN kids with the exception of one single player from Canada.  The 1976 AND 1979 championship teams had all kids from MN.  The 2002 and 2003 teams had the one single kid from Grand Dorks that knew where the better place was to play.  In 2002, every other kid was from MN.  In 2003 every other kid was from MN with the exception of one from Canada.  Also, not one kid from ND on the Bulldogs championship roster last year either.

          • The reason your kids leave Minnesota and go to UND is for the Education for one (lower teacher to student ratios). A facility that can do nothing but make you better!  Check out some youtube clips.  They give the kids a card so they can skate, workout, watch tape at any hour of the day!  The only way you can go and play for the Sioux and not get better is if you are just plain out lazy…

          • You just throw random thoughts out there don’t you.  Didn’t mention Duluth.  And you have it wrong on everything.  Bidon, Gambucci, Ulseth, and the Patalny brothers are all from North Dakota and Vanek is from Europe.  Sit down and let the blood flow to your brain.

          • Hoosier,

            Gambucci’s senior year was 1973 and the Gophers won in 74 – Bidon’s last year was 1971 – Ulseth was from Roseville, MN…   I mentioned Potulny as the lone Dork on the 02-03 teams.  Maybe you should let the blood flow to your brain.  Also, learn to spell Grant’s name, he is afterall, a North Dakookian.

            Check the rosters, NO kids from ND on the 74-76- or 79 teams.  Idiot!

          • Hey WCHA fan, yer right on, no North Dakotans on the 79 roster,,just 1 player out of the state, Perry Ardito of Ontario.  This 79 team was a great contributor to the greatest amateur sporting upset of all time, the 1980 Miracle on ice team which contained 9, count em 9 GOLDEN GOPHERS,let me hear ya now

          • What, exactly, is the point of arguing where the players are from anyway?? How many teams have players that are only from their state?? UND is made up of mostly Minnesotans and Canadans, so what is the point??

          • Minnesota is the “state of Hockey” no question about that… but it doesn’t mean your ultra liberal institution embodies any of that.  Hockey players at UND are rock stars, the best of the best, we support them more than any other sport.  you cannot say the same for hockey players at UofM.  We have more to offer, a better facility, a better environment, and more community support.  Improve yourself to get your kids to stay home, don’t be so jealous, it makes you look bad… have a little class 

          • Um…   Your “rock stars” have not been the best of the best since 2000.  This year, they are sub-par.  Minnesota, Duluth, and Bemidji all have outstanding facilities and local support.  The hockey environment in MN is second to none.  Nobody is jealous here.  Just giving you the “in your face” attitude back that your fans give every week.  It’s just that now, you are mad because you know you have nothing to be arrogant about. 

          • yes your giving that attitude back… and its obvoius your not use to it, lol like a bengals fan trying to talk trash to a new england fan…. dominance versus flash in the pan as of late.  ( I hope you can understand the analogy)

            I was born and raised in MN and cheered for the bulldogs my whole life until I went to UND, I have family in bemidji who have gone to BSU, and one of my good friends’ little brothers has been playing for the bulldogs for 3 years now.  I am probably more familiar with all of these programs than you are. I have seen games in all the venues and I am using MY OWN judgement from my expierence… can you say the same?

          • Yes, actually I can.  Born in MN and graduated from a hockey dynatsy high school.  Attended one of the above named MN colleges and been to more games there than I can count.  My wife attended one of the other MN colleges and was a hockey cheerleader.  Saw many games there as well and now have a cabin close to the venue and still see many games.  My brother and his wife attended UND and I have also been to many UND games including some at the Ralph. 

            Listen, again, I am not a Gophers fan at all.  I can’t stand them and I am not defending them or their fans.  I just have been a hockey fan for many years and believe that the only fans worse are those from UND.  I am all for students and alumni backing the school they attended and would never fault anyone who attended UND for being a Sue fan… 

            The reason I don’t like most Sue fans is this…   They love to talk big about fan support and dog other programs.  Dog them for their fan base, their facilities, etc…  The point I have tried to make on this blog is that in North Dakota, there is nothing else to cheer for other than the Sue Hockey Team.  No other 1A sports, no professional sports, nothing.  Therefore, all the local yolkels strap on their Sue garb and act as though they are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals when the Sue make the final five.  I get it to a point, but what all the trash talkers don’t realize is, in MN, most Goofer fans are UM students or alumni.  Most everyone else either roots for the school they attended, or, if they didn’t attend a school with a hockey program, they root for the MN Wild.  Also, many people prefer the Vikings, or the Twins, or the Timberwolves.  There are many options for relevant sporting events and therefore, MN fans will never travel like the folks in Grand Dorks.  If the Sue were to schedule a game against the Mn Wild, I would love to see the dominance of Wild jerseys in the arena.

            Comparing MN sports to ND sports is like comparing apples to coconuts.

            Also, the Bengals may be, but the MN Gopher Hockey Team is not a flash in the pan program…

          • since their last NCAA title, I think their current success, as it stands right now can be accuratly described as flash in the pan. If it continues and they keep their good players from going early they could be good again for a while, but we will see what happens. 

            While those other programs have nice facilities, they aren’t as nice.  They might have good fan support, but not as good.  And your right no other big teams in ND so they whole state supports UND hockey team.  I wouldn’t expect any fans from MN to switch their support to UND but to insult what we have and say theirs is better is just ignorance.  No blackhawks fans are going to cheer for the wild because the Excel is the best professional hockey arena.  But I doubt any of them really think theirs is better…

            I prefer the vikings, and the twins… but come on, nobody really prefers the timberwolves… lol jk But prefer them to what? they have no business being compared at all to UND hockey.  I would have to think hard on which jersey to wear if the wild played the sioux in the ralph, I might bring both and change every period. I thinks its just a fad because of the excitment and the proximity but I know a few people in grand forks who switched their allegiance back to the jets though. 

      • being great doesn’t equal just winning national titles, and even though they didn’t win last year, the Sioux were the best team in the country.

        • A bigger moronic statement I have not seen in some time,
          . “…even though they didn’t win last year, the Sioux were the best team in the country.”
          Dilusional at best.

          • Dilusional at best? 178 goals last year and about 120 of them are gone to professional hockey this year.  You may not think they were the best, but saying is it moronic to argue it only points out your hatred for the Sioux, or your own ignorance.. either way, your statement is for more moronic.

          • By your logic, that would mean that the Minnesota Vikings were the best NFL team in 1998, based on points scored and points given up. Problem was, they lost when it counted the most. That is NOT what the “best team” does.

          • the vikings were the best team in the NFL in 1998, but any team can win on any night and that doesn’t negate rest of the years body of work… that 1998 team was one of the best teams ever

        • The only thing that matters 10 years down the road is the banner.  Trying to make yourself feel better I know, but if they were the best, they wouldn’t have lost in the semis…   I’ll claim that the Bemidji Beavers were the best in 2009 then too…

        • Based solely on stats and the talent level on paper, yes, the Sioux were the best team. However, what you are forgetting is that the best “team” wins when it’s supposed to, REGARDLESS of the situation. Agaist Michigan, the Sioux were not the better team that night.

          • exactly, thanks for making my point for me, that night they were not the best, but the whole season, yes they were

      • Wow you have some hatred buddy.  First of all I live in the Cities, second, why are you so mad.  I never said the Sioux were the best ever, they are simply the college hockey team that I root for because I grew up there and because I am an alum.  I simply say that have a great program that COMPETES for the national title almost every year…not that they WIN the national championship every year.  I know other teams can be better….and obviously they are this year.  The Sioux have proved that the best teams don’t necessarily win the title (see last year’s team…and the winner of last year’s title).

        Again, I have not came on this website often but it seems as though you guys have some issues to work out.  Hopefully whatever team you do root for starts winning.

        • I’m not your buddy, and I have no hatred toward most hockey fans in general.  I am ashamed when so called fans yell team names during the national anthem and treat other fans like crap. 

          I was merely answering your question as to why there are so many Sue haters on this site.  You stated that the Sue have been up there an the the U of M has been weak.  I say, the Goofs have 2 titles since your last, and that the National Champs from 2011 were well deserving, played tough enough to get a bid, and played very tough when it was all on the line.  That, in my opinion, is the best team in the country.

          Sue fans seem to be cocky all the time, and that, some guy I don’t know, is why people lash back. 

          I hope the Goofs fade, and the Sue continue to stink.  My hope is they both enjoy road games in the playoffs.  I hope you continue to root for the team you support, just want you to be realistic about things.  I will root for my 500 team always! 

          • And I don’t diss you for that.  I’m just saying….you don’t need to be an a$$hole doing it.  It is fans like you who give programs a bad name….I only wish you would say who you root for.  I t sucks that 3 Sioux fans in their basements….posting on this website….give us a bad name.  But whatever, we always root for the Sioux.  And I root for other WCHA teams in the NCAAs if we are out.

  5. It seems that the main arguments are a combination of national championships and overall record. Logic only states that we go to overall record in national championships. (Head to head for anyone who went to st cloud)

  6. We all know the Gophers belong on top. I love looking at the rosters to see where these kids are from… and time and time again the U of M is stacked with MN raised hockey jocks! It would be fun to see what would happen if you could only recruit within state… maybe UND and the east coast would be D3!

    • How would you like it if you had to the do the same for basketball and football you tool? What is it with you guys and having a team of all in state players? In what sport is that done? Even your best teams in the last 10 years have had players from other states or countries? Plus if your program was half as good as you think that it is every year you wouldn’t have an issue with it as you would get all of the top recruits as it is now you don’t.

      Plus the state puts out so many good players do you just want them to not play hockey because the U of M didn’t have room for them on their roster. 

      Many people bag on UND for talking about the past and the number of titles they have won. You all need to stop talking about this. 

      Would you really like it if there were only a handful of schools that were playing D1? With your IDIOTIC thought there would only be a few schools that could even field competitive teams. Just shut up about it already. We all get it, MN has a lot of great high school players that go on to play college hockey.

      If we can all agree with that can you please stop talking about it? I beg of you, please just shut up about it already.


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