Colorado College’s Schwartz to captain Team Canada at World Juniors

Colorado College sophomore Jaden Schwartz, the lone collegian on this year’s Canadian World Junior team, will wear the ‘C’ for Team Canada.

“Last year was tough, obviously getting hurt and then that third period against Russia,” Schwartz said to the Canadian Press. “You try to forget last year, but at the same time, you want to learn from it. This year is a whole new group of guys, new faces, new team and everything like that. There’s enough motivation just being here. We’re all here to win gold and that’s the bottom line.”

Schwartz from Wilcox, Sask., is one of four returnees that won silver in Buffalo with the Canadians, losing in the championship game to Russia.

During the tournament last year, Schwartz’s sister, Mandi, a former player at Yale, was undergoing leukemia treatment. She later passed away in April.

“Last year was tough, me getting injured and obviously more important with Mandi,” added Schwartz. “She was pretty sick at that time. Last year was very, very difficult and it was a hard time for all of us.

“It was the hardest thing I had to go through and probably one of the hardest things I’ll ever go through. It’s very difficult, but family and friends get you through times like that and thankfully. they’re always there for me.”

This season with the Tigers, Schwartz is second in team scoring with five goals and 18 points in 13 games, five points off the team lead of his older brother, Rylan.


  1. do you have any self respect whatsoever. schwartz’s sister passed away less than a year ago and had leukemia during the tournament. 

  2. I had the luxury of watching the Schwartz brothers play up in Grand Forks this year.  Hands down the best players on the ice – Sounds like they are great kids with a bright future – Good Luck boys and GO SIOUX – Hope for a U.S. vs Canda in the finals if it is possible.


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