CCHA upholds Sheahan’s one-game suspension

Notre Dame announced Friday that it has appealed the one-game suspension that the CCHA handed out to Riley Sheahan on Thursday (Jan. 19), but Saturday, the CCHA announced it has upheld their ruling and Sheahan will be ineligible to play in tonight’s game against Michigan.

The league’s ruling on Jan. 19 came after a review of a hit that occurred at the 14:39 mark of the second period in the Jan. 13 game against Western Michigan. According to the CCHA, the review showed Sheahan delivering an “illegal hit” to a Western Michigan player.

Sheahan played in Friday night’s game against Michigan. He is eligible to return to the lineup on Jan. 27.


    • I don’t think Dane Walters considers missing the last 3+ games from an injury as a result of Sheahan’s illegal hit ‘fun’. I cannot believe that Sheahan didn’t get at least a 2 game suspension and That Notre Dame actually appealed the suspension on a blatantly illegal hit.

      • What was illegal about it? He didn’t hit him in the head and he didn’t hit him from behind. It was a clean, hard, shoulder to shoulder hit, and the kid broke. That didn’t make it illegal.

  1. Good for CCHA! Responsible and fair treatment of very serious issue in college hockey. Unlike Hockey East commissioner’s subsequent overruling of on ice official’s ruling re Eaves’ intentional knee to head of Exter – a whitewash of a very ugly incident involving a team, which regularly employs dangerous type physical intimidation and diving, as normal parts of game


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