ECAC West picks: Jan. 11

Went 4-0 last week, and am 29-5-4 overall (.795) so far this season. Taking on six nonconference contests this weekend, as all ECAC West teams will be in action for the first time in 2013.
Friday, Jan. 11
Utica at Cortland
The No. 8 Pioneers (11-2-0 overall), winners of six straight, should continue on their recent roll as they start a four-game road swing. Utica, 6-3
Fredonia at Neumann
The Knights (7-4-2) should feed off last week’s championship at the Northfield Bank Tournament in Vermont, including a win over No. 1 Norwich. Neumann, 4-2
Saturday, Jan. 12
Nazareth at Oswego
Oswego is reeling a bit after being blanked by Utica last week, but beating the Lakers (5-8-1) is probably too tall a task for the fledging Golden Flyers. Oswego 5-3
Morrisville at Elmira
The Soaring Eagles (5-9-0) need to start picking up wins. Now would be a perfect time to start. Elmira 3-2
Manhattanville at Cortland
The No. 12 Valiants get back to work after having been off since Dec. 31 and a 3-2 loss to Babson. Manhattanville 4-3
Sunday, Jan. 13
Hobart at Nichols
The No. 3 Statesmen (11-1-2) are probably chomping at the bit, having been off for more than a month since a 3-2 OT loss to Oswego  on Dec. 8. Hobart 7-3


  1. Man did Cornell goon it up this game. I understand trying to use your size, but they took some shots at defenseless players

    • Yup, plenty of high hits, lot of loose elbows. Did them no good though, UML was just too fast, too tight defensively.

      • This is an absolute garbage comment. Cornell has always played physically but has absolutely never “goon[ed] it up” or “[taken] shots at defenseless players.” The refs called nothing about any illegal hit until the finals minutes, and frankly that 5-minute major was a terrible call. Cornell is a big, physical team, maybe not what you typically see in Hockey East. To accuse them of intentionally targeting defenseless players, when all they’re trying to do is win a hockey game, evidences a total lack of understanding about the rules and is really just a terrible thing to say about a team playing its heart out, despite being ravaged by injuries, with no malicious intent whatsoever.

        • So, what I saw was an aberration? Take the blinders off Waldo. The officials were letting the players play. The 5:00 major though, was spot on. When did I say they were targeting defenseless players. Maybe you need to come back here and revisit when you’re not so butthurt?

          • The “defenseless players” line was from Jason. I was responding to both of you simultaneously since you’re both equally clueless about how hockey works. Watch a game in the NCHC or ECAC or frankly watch a game in the NHL to better inform yourself about how the play physically within the rules, which Cornell has always done.
            Congrats to you both–you beat a team that lost three top-four defensemen for the season with the help of a bad no-goal review in the first minute. Your fans who traveled 30 minutes to get to the rink were quieter than the Cornell fans who traveled six hours. I get that your program was a perennial bottom-feeder until very recently and maybe that’s why you’re so inexperienced at analyzing a hockey game, but hopefully UML will continue to see success in the years to come and its fans will pick up on the rules of hockey.

        • Just because the deaf, dumb and blind refs didn’t call the penalties that most definitely should have been called does not absolve Cornell from goon hockey.

          • Those same “deaf, dumb and blind refs” overturned a Cornell goal with no conclusive evidence whatsoever

          • Perhaps you didn’t see the replay or are unaware that the Cornell players expected it to be ruled “no goal”…..

          • Saw the replays. Key word there is “conclusive” – it was an incredibly close call, but the call on the ice was a goal and there was no conclusive evidence to overturn it

  2. Cornell is a VERY DIRTY hockey team! The refs had their heads up their asses the whole game. I LOVE good, clean hard hitting hockey (see the Minnesota/Notre Dame game), but Big Red played like Big Goons. Good riddance!

    • It doesn’t matter how many times you spout this drivel; it’s still drivel. Cornell has a reputation as a physical team, but not as a dirty team. This has been true for many years and it will hold true for many years to come. If your team isn’t willing to play physically (within the rules), maybe it should take up checkers instead of hockey.

      • Really, DUMBASS?????? In case you didn’t notice, my team DID show up and won 5-0. Cornell still played like goons. Why don’t you crawl back into “Slapshot”???????

        • Let’s throw in random words in ALL CAPS and a bunch of QUESTION MARKS to mask the fact that you have literally no idea what is and isn’t a good hit in hockey?????? Your team isn’t physical–good for you–but that doesn’t mean other teams aren’t allowed to be physical within the rules. If the Cornell goal isn’t wrongly disallowed it’s a completely different hockey game

    • Refs were from Atlantic hockey and NCHC. Linesmen; NCHC and D-3. Never saw any of them before, so I have no idea what kind of game they typically call, but I wasn’t impressed with what I saw yesterday.

          • I also looked them up individually and it is the case. There also is no way the NCAA would use a D3 linesman in a regional, if he had no D1 experience. they also rarely, if ever combine leagues for a game in the NCAA’s. NCHC link: The two in question, because they have worked AHA and MIAC in the past are referee Binda (AHA) and linesman Hills (MIAC). Please check the box score for UND/SCSU playoff game on 3/10… they were both on the ice. Just like any other leagues, they do share officials during the season and these guys have also done ECHL, WCHA, etc…

  3. 4. Manchester city planners did an awful job with logistics this weekend.
    In addition to the Regional at SNHU Arena, they booked a Road race at virtually the same time on Saturday, and their St. Patrick’s Day parade (albeit, 9 days late) on Sunday. Traffic and parking were a nightmare yesterday, and I fully expect today to be no different. Kudos, Manch Vegas! It’s not like you didn’t know the regional was being held there over a year in advance or anything.

  4. I don’t know, I think the Lowell fans should take a night off and come back to talk after they actually win something meaningful on the national stage

  5. UML is now toast. When you manage to win a national championship then maybe you will be more than a footnote in 125 years of collegiate hockey. Six years of moderate success is nice, but just like Quinnipiac you have no real bragging rights until you get it done.

  6. So what’s the excuse for the bonehead play the UML D just made in OT (grabbing a shirtsleeve and losing his stick), allowing ND the winning goal?
    The irony ND is Irish makes their only FF appearance out of HEA in their final season (before joining the BIG.

  7. Cornell lost defenseman Brendan Smith to injury in the final game of the regular season. Unfortunate for the Big Red… they were not the same team after that.

    • Except when they shut down Clarkson in Games 2 and 3 and then played their best game of the season against Union before running into two of the top 5 or 6 teams in the nation.
      Smith was a big loss, but so was Bliss, Wedman, etc. This team persevered and likely reached its potential this season given its available parts.


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