After the results of March 8

How do I see it right now?

16 Wisconsin vs. 1 Quinnipiac
9 Boston College vs. 8 Denver

Grand Rapids
15 Notre Dame vs. 2 Minnesota
12 Western Michigan vs. 6 St. Cloud State

13 Niagara vs. 3 Miami
11 Minnesota State vs. 7 Massachusetts-Lowell

14 Rensselaer vs. 4 North Dakota
10 Yale vs. 5 New Hampshire

Some changes to talk about real quickly.

Wisconsin, where did you come from? Northern Michigan and Colorado College dropping as TUCs helped Wisconsin lose four TUC losses, thus helping to turn at least the comparisons with Minnesota State (who’s loss to North Dakota also helped), Robert Morris, Providence and Cornell.

In addition, Notre Dame is hurt by losing two wins as well, and Notre Dame’s TUC record is already pretty bad.

Alaska. That loss last night hurt.

Boston College. That tie hurt last night. The Eagles lost comparisons based on RPI, because of the tie.

Teams that are close to the bubble that can kiss their seasons goodbye with a loss on Saturday night — Alaska and Dartmouth.

We’re getting closer and closer…