Travelogue: Pittsburgh, here we come

Hello, college hockey world and welcome to the 2013 Frozen Four. We all know how incredible this tournament is just in terms of on-ice play. What can sometimes be forgotten to the folks that don’t make the pilgrimage every year is how great of an event this is. So Neil Ravin and I are here to take you through our experience as a pair of college students in their senior year taking the road trip to the Frozen Four.

The folks at have graciously agreed to let us show you the other side of the Frozen Four and this has been something in the works since midseason. Neil and I are Quinnipiac students and when this idea came about there was little thought that the Bobcats would be in the national semifinals. We promise to keep Quinnipiac talk to an absolute minimum.

Tonight we are driving two hours from Connecticut to New Jersey and will finish the final five hours Thursday morning. One of the great things about an event like this is the travel; I suppose it helps that we are so young. There is that feeling of completion when you finally drive into town and see the arena, see the teams’ logos on the windows outside and see the hoards of college hockey fans with jerseys from teams that aren’t Yale, Massachusetts-Lowell, Quinnipiac or St. Cloud State.

The Final Four is over. The Frozen Four is here. Pittsburgh, here we come!


  1. Need to get rid of the third Lowell-UMass as soon as humanly possible. Both teams should play a non-league team when playing a non-league game. If they want bragging rights between the two state teams, play the two games home/ home and the winner of the “cup” or whatever it is can be determined by two game/total goals or a 10 minute OT the second night. The third game doesn’t help either team for a berth in the NCAA tournament.


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