Women’s D-I picks: Oct. 18

After Arlan correctly got our one different pick right last week, he has taken a two-game lead on me in our season picks race. Yowsa. Last week, I went 11-3-3 (.735) to bring myself to 20-8-4 (.687) on the year, while Arlan went 12-2-3 (.794) to move to 22-6-4 (.750) on the year. We’re picking a lot of series this week, so let’s see how we do.

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 18-19

Mercyhurst at Clarkson
Candace: Mercyhurst has been up and down all year. The Lakers might get up enough for a win, but I just can’t pick them right now. Clarkson 2-1, 3-2
Arlan: Even as strong as Clarkson looks, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Lakers got a win, but I can’t favor them in either game. Clarkson 4-2, 2-1

Quinnipiac at Maine
Candace: Another test for whether the Bobcats can actually move up in the top 10 and perhaps earn a PairWise ranking. They aren’t being tested to the same extent as Clarkson, but they need to win this pair. Quinnipiac 3-2, 4-1
Arlan: Maine’s tie at UNH gives hope, but the Black Bears will need to get their PP going against the Bobcats. Quinnipiac 2-0, 3-1

Syracuse at Providence
Candace: Both teams have been up and down, though Providence hasn’t won a Friday game yet. I’ll go with the split. Syracuse 3-2, Providence 3-2
Arlan: The teams last met three years ago so there is little history to draw upon. Syracuse 4-2, Providence 3-2

Boston University at Robert Morris
Candace: Something tells me BU will be better this week than last. Boston University 4-2, 3-2
Arlan: Freshmen have demonstrated more for Colonials than Terriers; that’s likely because they’ve played twice as many games. Robert Morris 2-1, 3-2

Minnesota at Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: The Gophers will lose sooner or later this year, but I don’t think it will happen this weekend. Minnesota 3-2, 3-1
Arlan: Picking the Gophers to lose in Madison contributed hugely to my picks race loss last year, so I’m trying to be less creative this time. Minnesota 2-1, 4-2

Ohio State at North Dakota
Candace: North Dakota will probably make at least one of these games harder on themselves than they need to, but they should have enough to sweep. North Dakota 4-2, 4-1
Arlan: Recent trips to Grand Forks haven’t gone well for the Buckeyes. North Dakota 4-1, 3-2

St. Cloud State at Wisconsin
Candace: Wisconsin probably would have beaten any other team last week, except they were playing in Minneapolis. Home in Madison against St. Cloud equals a sweep. Wisconsin 4-2, 4-1
Arlan: Huskies have done better in the first half of a series. Wisconsin 2-1, 5-0

Colgate at RIT
Candace: RIT has definitely shown improvement since the first game, when the Tigers were shellacked by Clarkson. Why not pick a sweep? RIT 3-2, 3-1
Arlan: Scanning results to date for Colgate and RIT, I’m unable to locate either a rhyme or a reason scattered amidst the unpredictability. RIT 4-3, Colgate 2-1

Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 19-20

Northeastern at Cornell
Candace: Northeastern looked better last week, but the Big Red are a bigger test than the Huskies have faced to date. Cornell 3-2, 4-2
Arlan: I’m never sure how an Ivy will fare in its first game, or for that matter, any team from any league in any game. Cornell 4-3, 3-1

Sunday, Oct. 20

Dartmouth at Boston College
Candace: This pick might be a little more sporty than it would have been before BC lost to UNH, but the Eagles usually rebound from a loss, as they realize they can’t afford to come out flat. Boston College 3-1
Arlan: The Big Green have done a good job of hanging with the Eagles, although not necessarily beating them. Boston College 4-2