Women’s D-I picks: Oct. 10

Well, after one week, Arlan and I are tied. We both went 17-3 (.850), a pretty good start to the year, and no, we didn’t pick the games all the same. Let’s see how we can do this week.

Friday, Oct. 10

New Hampshire at RIT
Candace: I think RIT keeps up a good start and holds off a determined UNH squad. RIT 2-1
Arlan: Last season, the Tigers defeated the Wildcats, 3-2, in a game that feels like forever ago. RIT 1-0

Northeastern at Syracuse
Candace: The Orange got crushed last weekend against another Hockey East squad, and while the Huskies won’t score as many, they should win convincingly. Northeastern 5-2
Arlan: The Orange struggled versus speed last week, and now here comes Kendall Coyne. Northeastern 4-1

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 10-11

North Dakota at Minnesota State University-Mankato
Candace: North Dakota showed a little vulnerability last weekend, but I think they get off to a good start in conference play. North Dakota 3-2, 4-2
Arlan: Many of the Mavericks are as green as the UND jerseys. North Dakota 5-0, 3-1

Minnesota at Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: This is in Duluth, so at least one game will be close, but Minnesota continues its mastery. Minnesota 4-1, 3-2
Arlan: The Bulldogs stayed with the Gophers most of the way in the teams’ last meeting in the WCHA tourney. Minnesota 2-1, 4-2

Mercyhurst at Maine
Candace: Maine has played well so far, but hasn’t faced an opponent of the caliber of the Lakers. Mercyhurst 3-1, 4-2
Arlan: Maine could present a danger if the Lakers are peeking ahead to Northeastern. Mercyhurst 2-1, 3-1

Boston College at St. Lawrence
Candace: I don’t think BC will rack up quite as many goals as in its last outing, but I don’t see the Saints beating them either. Boston College 5-3, 6-3
Arlan: The Saints are willing to skate with most teams, but they may need to rein this one in a bit. Boston College 8-4, 3-1

Connecticut at Union
Candace: These should be low-scoring games. Union only scored one in its first two games, and Connecticut hasn’t scored since the tie with Minnesota-Duluth. I’d like to think home ice is worth something, but the Huskies prevail. Connecticut 2-1, 2-0
Arlan: These teams play very tight games, and Union has won each of the last two years. Connecticut 2-1, 1-0

Friday and Sunday, Oct. 10 and 12

Ohio State at Wisconsin
Candace: Wisconsin is going to be a tough out for anybody this season. Wisconsin 5-2, 5-1
Arlan: Tough road debut for the Buckeyes’ goaltenders. Wisconsin 6-1, 5-2

Saturday, Oct. 11

Northeastern at RIT
Candace: This is one I wish I could watch. I’m tempted to pick RIT, and if Kendall Coyne wasn’t on Northeastern, I would. Northeastern 3-2
Arlan: This has the potential to be one of the best games of the weekend. Northeastern 2-1

New Hampshire at Syracuse
Candace: The Wildcats have to win at some point, and I can’t pick every game the same as Arlan, though I’m tempted to. New Hampshire 2-1
Arlan: If this game was in Durham, I’d expect a different outcome. Syracuse 2-1

Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 11-12

Clarkson at Providence
Candace: Clarkson may have found a goaltender last weekend. Clarkson 3-1, 4-3
Arlan: Allie Morse allowing only two goals per game with a .918 save percentage at Mercyhurst was a positive sign for the Friars. Clarkson 2-1, 3-1

Quinnipiac at Penn State
Candace: Penn State got a good win last weekend against St. Cloud, but the Bobcats are a tougher team. Quinnipiac 3-1, 5-1
Arlan: The Bobcats are effective at limiting the offense of most teams. Quinnipiac 3-1, 4-1

Vermont home-and-home versus Rensselaer
Candace: Rensselaer looks to have trouble scoring goals. Vermont 3-1, 4-1
Arlan: Based on results in Bemidji, these teams are even, but the games in Grand Forks suggest they are not. Vermont 3-2, 4-1