Gallery: Friday at the West Regional

Here are photos from St. Cloud State’s overtime win over Michigan Tech and North Dakota’s win over Quinnipiac on Friday at the West Regional in Fargo, N.D.

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  1. Wow – Union trailed Harvard for 30 seconds and this article makes it sound like the comeback of the century occurred… 

    I think Union trailed a whopping 6 minutes for the duration of the entire ECAC tournament…

    Lock it up – Tampa Time.


    • The extent of the article’s discussion of Union’s comeback: “the Dutchmen rallied from a 1-0 third period deficit to win 3-1.”  What exactly about this single, factual, and fairly bland sentence makes it sound like the “comeback of the century”?  I can’t wait til Union loses and this guy stops posting…

  2. Oh, MSU hockey.  Harvard had to lose for them to get in.  As a 19-15 team, they absolutely had no business getting into the Tournament.  I was really hoping their Tournament drought (since 2008) extended for another year.  Alas, Union will end a season that should already be over.

    I have no respect for a hockey program whose fanbase doesn’t support them enough to even come close to selling out that bomb shelter of a rink (Munn).

    Watch a Michigan home game to see the difference in support.  Heck, watch a Michigan ROAD game to see how a real program should be supported.  We don’t miss the Tournament.

    Go Blue!  Go Dutchmen!

    • Yeah wow, ummm, I watched the CCHA tournament on TV. There was nobody there in the semifinals and a couple people there in the finals. It was quite sad and they were pretty much Michigan home games. Performance in the championship game aside, I was pretty embarrassed for Michigan. Did you watch the WCHA Final Five at all, that is fan support.

    • Yea, how’s big Blue doing? Keeping thinking they’re so much better than everyone…all U of M fans have their heads in the clouds. 

  3. Where are all the North Dakota fans?? All we heard was how great the WCHA was and UND fans travel well. Under 3000 fans in Grand Rapids where Minnesota and UND played. What a Joke. I guess the WCHA won’t have 3 Frozen Four teams after Hockey East beat them by a total of 11-3 in Manchester.

    • How many fans attended yesterdays games for UNH and Lowwll. Didn’t look like 3000 and thats close to home. 2 of the 3 teams that lost where underdogs. Today has 2 more underdogs. I think most people-including wcha fans- expected only 1 or 2 wcha teams in the FF.

      • There was over 8000. Under 2300 for the great WCHA powers of Minnesota and UND. Fact!! Didn’t we here that North Dakota fans travel??? Not to western Michigan. how about 0-2 against HE to the tune of 11-3. More facts. UND barely beating that powerhouse from Niagara.

        • Why buy an overpriced airline ticket and way overpriced tickets to the game when you can watch it in HD from your couch. Sorry they don’t make regionals for wcha teams to only have to go 40 miles every year. Try coming out west. DU traveled further on for this regional than bc has in 13 years combined. Pathetic. Say, how many titles is HE up to? Is it even half of the 37 the wcha has? Go back to your moms basement.

          • I have my own basement. Too bad about the all mighty U of M. I agree that the Regionals are wacked, but U of M plays a lot more home games or basically home games than anyone. HE teams traveled a lot more before NewYears than WCHA teams. BC does get special treatment. Lets go back to the 50’s and 60’s to say how good the WCHA is. That is certainly relevant to today. Can Grand Rapids even be 1/2 full today???

          • Im not talking about regular season travel. Only regionals. and BC has traveled less in 13 years than denver did this year. absolutely pathetic. BC and BU have had to fly a combined 3 times for regionals over the past 13 years. They lost by 4+ goals each game. No wonder the NC$$ doesnt want them to travel. They might lose.

          • I agree. BC and BU get breaks, but Michigan would have as well had they made it. Take a look at all the Regionals EVERY year. Attendance always stinks. Money is a big problem. Flights, Hotels and gas are too costly for people that may have attended their league tourneys a week earlier.

        • Congrats, you couldn’t even sell out a game “at home.” It is a 12-14 hr drive for MN/und fans on Easter weekend. Your #1 team beat our #6 team. The DU/UNH game was fairly evenly played. UNH was the better team yesterday, but did not dominate.

          • Thanks for the congrats. As a Lowell fan we had to go to Michigan State twice in 1994 & 1996 as a ‘home’ team being the higher seed. We beat MSU both times on their home ice. That attendance was a joke in Grand Rapids no matter what. Convince yourself otherwise.

          • The congrats was sarcastic Bobby. Look at the arena stats. WCHA teams dominate attendance over any other teams in the nation. Never said anything about Grand Rapids and don’t care about Grand Rapids.

          • What is your point? If UND has all that talent, then they should crush the Niagara’s of the world. Lowell has 4 draft picks and 1 is as good as any, our goalie. I hope we see UND in Pittsburgh. It would be fun. Lowell has never made the Frozen Four. UND has been there quite a lot.

    • So it is North Dakota’s responsibility to fill the seats in an arena 900 miles away on 5 days notice? That argument makes perfect sense. As for your later comment about “barely” beating Niagara, you clearly don’t understand this tournament. These are the strongest 16 teams and Niagara has one of, if not the best, goalie in the country who stood on his head for that team yesterday. It doesn’t matter if you win by one, or ten. Any team from any conference can win on any given night. Get over yourself.

      • All I heard for 2 weeks was how great the WCHA is and how well they travel and now…. Western people never gave ANY credit to anyone east of Lake Michigan and now Niagara is great??

        • Niagara won their league and were an at-large team, no one is saying they are a powerhouse, but it certainly seemed like UND didn’t overlook them as Minnesota did to Yale. Do you really think Yale has more talent or is a better team than Minnesota? Of course not, but they played better for one game which is what this tournament is all about. Take the top 4 teams from the WCHA, CCHA and Hockey East, and there isn’t much of a difference. They are all really solid, talented and well coached teams. As for fans traveling, NO ONE goes to the regionals. The WCHA fans just spent a ton of dough going to St. Paul one week earlier, and have no idea where their team will be placed until 5 days before the start of the NCAA’s. But they do know where the sites are, and no one wants to go to Grand Rapids, Toledo, Manchester or Providence for a vacation over Easter. Bring 2 of those regionals to Minnesota, Grand Forks, or even Wisconsin, and attendance will be far greater. Its pretty easy for UNH and Lowell to (partially) fill an arena 45 minutes from campus. Same with BC year in and year out.

          • You’d better give more love to the ECAC. Yale beat your precious Sioux three years ago, and we knocked off Minnesota last night. Three national quarterfinals in four years. And Quinnipiac is #1.

          • What is wrong with you people? Are that low on yourselves you need constant praise from people you don’t know? I literally just said the Gophers overlooked Yale and Niagara is good. Are you illiterate?

          • Right, you said Yale only won because Minnesota, which is in your view a far superior hockey team, didn’t show up. I disagree. Any hockey team can throw in clunkers any day of course, but the teams were more closely matched in talent than you are giving them credit for. Yale has gone…wait let me do the math…3-0 this year against the WCHA, twice away and once at a neutral site. Before their clunker weekend in AC they had had a sensational in-conference and out-of-conference season, particularly when you take out games their starting goalie didn’t play. ND will be a huge challenge and Yale better bring their A++ game today, but it’s dismissive to suggest they only won yesterday because Minnesota played down to their level.

      • No. The Tsongas Center is a great building. I have heard that UND has a superb arena. I am sure that Marucci is great too.

  4. Can’t help that the NCAA caters to the east teams. I saw the arenas from all the eastern conference tournaments they were empty the final five at the excel energy center averaged over 19, 000 I’m sure everyone spent over 2,000 grand for that cuz I know I did and I took it easy there.

    • Canisius won their tournament in front of less than 1000. ECAC had under 5000. Last year in Wisconsin, there were tons of empty seats. What was the excuse last year???

      • Well being that wisconsin was not there and minnesota and north Dakota were at st paul minnesota which averaged over 10,000 which I was there I could really care less about what went on in wisconsin were u at wisconsin???

        • No. I root for Lowell. Even in Minnesota it was half full, about 9000 fans. I keep hearing that if Minneapolis/St. Paul hosted a regional it would sell out. Last year, not so much.

    • Whining, whining and more whining. Can Minnesota win away from Minneapolis? Oh I guess not as they also lost last weekend, in St. Paul.

      • If you’re so annoyed with UM/UND fans whining, why not just stop following this thread 24/7? You wouldn’t have to hear any of it. UM/UND fans are passionate, and especially UM has been laying eggs compared to their efforts earlier this year. The fans going to be upset. Also, I remember sitting in a packed Xcel center last year during regionals. Minnesota State fans, Duluth fans, St. Cloud fans were all there even though their teams weren’t. It’s good for attendance, plain and simple.

    • I will agree with you and am not defending what Bob is saying. But, when I wrote similarly last week, I received “down” votes, from a couple of WCHA fans (which I know who they are, but will remain nameless).
      There was a post about how UNH travels well and WCHA/UND fans commented on how the UNH fans didn’t show up last time they were sent west. My point was that we spend a lot of money the weekend before, have only 5 days to know where they are going, and the majority of us that will travel already attend the FF every year and have our tickets for that coming up in 10 or so days. That is a lot of money to dish out, not to mention trying to get the time off from work. It is much easier to travel in the east as things are certainly closer together. I still think UNH travels as well as anybody outside of UND, Michigan, and UMaine.
      I guess my only point was that because an eastern team didn’t get the amount of fans as expected in the west, it was “they didn’t show up,” but when UND or Minny doesn’t show up, it’s because it’s too much money, why go when you can watch it on tv, etc…

      • Absolutely agree with you I myself try to go to as many tournament games I can. And the final five for the wcha is my big one. Trying to make it to the regional is very tough just as u had mentioned. I saw the new UNH regional and it was packed. I wish all regionals could be like that.I give u guys credit. I know me and a lot of other sioux fans all said we wish we had time and extra money after the final five to make it but if ya can’t ya can’t

        • Agreed, wish we all could make it to cheer our teams on anytime we wanted. I’ll be in Pitt soon, so hopefully UNH can pull one out from UML tonight. Good luck to your Sioux! Am I allowed to call them that or will I be banned from posting now?

          EDIT for my lack of typing skills!

          • Good luck to UND, but as far as UNH, not so much. I am looking forward to the game tonight in Manchester. UNH looked good after the first period last night. Should be a lot of fans cheering for both teams. Lowell’s PP might hurt our chances as UNH can score on theirs.

  5. So much talk about bad attendance. Here is my solution: instead of having the Regionals a week after league tournaments, how about 2 weeks afterwards. This would give fans time to set up their trips far away. There is already a weekend off next week, why not have this weekend off? Also, try to have regionals where they get decent attendance like Manchester, Boston, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Detroit, Denver and forget Grand Rapids, Toledo and Bridgeport. Just an opinion.

  6. woof…i have a hard time ever picking UNH over BC. But under Umile they are 14-19-7 at Conte Forum and 17-8-2 at the Whitt (but I don’t think this includes playoffs). I think the question is, which one (of each) of these teams shows up? The ones that lay eggs against Harvard and Holy Cross, or the ones that are 4-0 combined against a really good looking Northeastern team?


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