Women’s D-I picks: Dec. 30

This weekend kicks off women’s D-I play again. In my final weekend of the first half, I closed strong, going 11-2-3, moving to 207-62-29 on the season.

Let’s see if I can start 2016 off with a bang.

Friday, Jan. 1

Brown at Princeton
The Tigers have done well against teams below them in the ECAC, and need this one. Princeton 3-1

Yale at Quinnipiac
No way do the Elis surprise the Bobcats a second time. Quinnipiac 4-2

Saturday, Jan. 2

Yale at Princeton
This one will be closer, but I like the Tigers to get a good start to their second half. Princeton 3-2

Brown at Quinnipiac
The Bobcats should take this one pretty easily. Quinnipiac 4-1

Dartmouth at Northeastern
The Big Green’s confidence was shattered by Wisconsin, and Northeastern’s offense is too good. Northeastern 4-1

Vermont at Union
I’m tempted to pick the Dutchwomen, but they’d probably only tie in that event. Vermont 3-2

Saturday-Sunday, Jan 2-3

Rensselaer at Mercyhurst
The Engineers are so up and down, so I like the Lakers to sweep, with one being super close. Mercyhurst 3-2, 4-2

Penn State at Ohio State
Both teams have been pretty up and down so far. Penn State hasn’t won since mid-November, closing the first half on a 1-9-4 run. The Buckeyes can at least look to beating North Dakota and Vermont in late November. Ohio State 2-1, 3-2

Providence at Robert Morris
Another hard series to call. I like a split. Robert Morris 2-1, Providence 3-2

Sunday-Monday, Jan. 3-4

Lindenwood at Minnesota State
The Mavericks have done better out of conference, though Lindenwood presents a tough challenge. Lindenwood 2-1, Minnesota State 3-2

Monday, Jan. 4

Merrimack at Vermont
The Warriors have fallen on hard times since a decent start. Vermont showed signs of life over the last couple of weeks of the first half. Vermont 3-1

Colgate at Syracuse
This will be a close one, but I like the Raiders to pull it out. Colgate 3-2

Tuesday, Jan. 5

Connecticut at Northeastern
Elaine Chuli will only be able to hold off Kendall Coyne and company for so long. Northeastern 4-2

Wednesday, Jan. 6

Merrimack at St. Lawrence
Look for the Saints to get a crucial win here. St. Lawrence 3-1

Wednesday-Thursday, Jan. 6-7

Lindenwood at Bemidji State
A battle of two defensive-minded teams should still be a sweep for the Beavers. Bemidji State 2-1, 2-1


  1. No secret in past seasons that Paula hasn’t liked the GLI- be it the terrible press facilities, half empty arena or spotty brand of hockey. BUT, I have to agree that this tourney was pretty compelling and the attendance was solid- especially with the championship match-up. Last year wasn’t bad with CC there, either. 

    As far as the rumors about the GLI- This is still Tech’s tourney. Michigan and MSU think this is a very important part of their schedule and will have plenty of non conference space to accomodate it once in the B1G conference. Besides, it will give the non-Yost Michigan fans and the Spartan fans in the metro area a chance to see both teams since the B1G Ten Tournament will most likely move away from Detroit. Finding a fourth team has never been a problem. The biggest question mark is the reduced tv coverage which has been disappointing.  

    • The TV coverage was VERY disappointing.  I do wonder how the new Big Ten will factor into this.  

      I also wonder where the Big Ten championship tournament will be held.  Haven’t heard yet.

  2. “LSSU rebounded with a win over Vermont after losing to RIT.”Actually, LSSU beat Vermont and then “rebounded” by losing to RIT.

  3. I have followed the GLI since my sophomore season at MSU  in 1967.It is thee Holiday College tournament.It’s longevity and attendance is second to none.The other 5 holiday tourneys this past week drew a total of 22,600 for their Championship night.T that is an average of a little over 4500.I have seen every minute of every game during  3 out of the past 4 years.Coach MacInnis of Michigan Tech stated this tournament in 1965 to showcase the great game of college hockey,and nobody does it better than THE JOE at the GLI.My dad and I travel 420 mi from Peoria, Il. to Detroit to attend this tournament,and we will continue to do it each year.I would like to see Western Michigan be the 4th team in 2 years.That would give you 2 Big  Tens,a WCHA,AND a National team for the 2013 GLI.Mike Olson,MSU 1966-1970.

  4. wow did UNH look bad against Harvard. Not putting all the blame on Wyer, but he has looked really uninspiring lately. But with so many games tightly packed together I can see why he got the start.


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