Gallery: Michigan State wins Duel in the D in overtime

Michigan State beat Michigan 3-2 in overtime on Friday at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena in the Duel in the D.

[photoshelter-gallery g_id=”G0000kJYYXSEbOkU” g_name=”20160205-MichiganState-Michigan-MichaelDubicki” f_show_caption=”t” f_show_slidenum=”t” img_title=”casc” pho_credit=”iptc” f_link=”t” f_bbar=”t” fsvis=”f” width=”500″ height=”375″ bgcolor=”#AAAAAA” bgtrans=”t” btype=”old” bcolor=”#CCCCCC” crop=”f” trans=”xfade” tbs=”4000″ f_ap=”t” linkdest=”c” f_fullscreen=”f” f_constrain=”f” twoup=”f” f_topbar=”f” f_bbarbig=”” f_htmllinks=”f” f_enable_embed_btn=”f” f_show_watermark=”f” f_send_to_friend_btn=”f” f_smooth=”f” f_mtrx=”f” f_up=”f” target=”_self” wmds=”llQ6QNgpeC.p1Ucz7U.f3No0ZmQud8Gd6P38btpnin4x4gux0.SeQZzyM9QRxkRw7skQvQ–” ]


  1. Lowell beating BC at the Tsongas wouldn’t be a big upset being that BC already won the HE regular season and maybe they rest a player or two. The games mean more to Lowell.

  2. re: Maine at Northeastern

    “Home Ice Matters” Yeah, it does….too bad there’s more Maine fans at Matthews Arena than Northeastern fans.


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