Video: Quinnipiac press conference after 2016 NCAA men’s ice hockey championship

TAMPA, Fla. — Quinnipiac coach Rand Pecknold, captain Soren Jonzzon, assistant captain Travis St. Denis and goalie Michael Garteig answered questions from the media after Saturday’s national championship loss to North Dakota.

(Video: NCAA On Demand)


  1. Bush move by the kid refusing to talk about the goal. This is big boy hockey and 18,000 people showed up and paid money to watch you play and it’s not like USCHO is looking to bust anyone’s balls. Just man up and say what you saw and move on. Everyone makes mistakes and the longer you don’t let yours go, the longer they stay with you.

    • It seemed to be in keeping with his play on the ice. Ripping off his mask while laying on his back in his crease. It should have been a minor penalty. He got owned by Brock on that second goal when Brock anticipated his clear-out pass. He should have put the puck in safe territory. The Sioux will make good goaltenders look bad and he looked bad.

      • I thought Brock just did a great job of pursing initially and forcing the goalie into an uncomfortable position. If he doesn’t come out, Brock is 1 on 1 with him and could pick his spot. And I don’t know what was directly in front of Garteig, really. One of several really next-level plays Boeser made in the game, he owned the ice similar to how Eichel did last year.

  2. To credit the coach, he did seem to truly acknowledge that UND is a great team. He has alot of respect for UND and was truly disappointed by the margin of victory. It was the worst of the 4 losses in terms of goal differential.


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