BU at BC

BU swept its two game Hockey East series with BC on Monday. The teams will meet again on February 6 in the opening round of the Beanpot.

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  1. Interesting how this year they didn’t have an issue putting 2 SLU forwards in the ECAC First Team while last year they unfairly snubbed Wagner from Colgate.

  2. Mikey…..pretty hard to ignore two players who all year long were among the top scorers in the Nation and both made the Top 10 Hobey Baker award finalist lists.

    • Wagner was among the top 10 scorers in the nation all of last year too, and his not being included in the top 10 Hobey list or as an All-American (which both Carey and Flanagan will deservedly be) can be attributed to 2 things: 1. The fact that he was a sophomore so a little bit of bias there. 2. The ECAC had stronger candidates last year with Killorn and O’Neill in the mix as well. This year it was clear cut that the only ECAC players with any shot at being a Hobey candidate were the 2 SLU guys and Hartzell. Heck, his numbers last year were better than Flanagan’s.

      Plus the Hobey shouldn’t really factor in as they’re announced on the same day and thus have no influence on the All-team votings.

      Again, I’m not downplaying Flanagan’s (or Carey’s) achievements and worthiness of being either All-ECAC First Team (both the obvious choices) or Hobey finalists (great for the league), but simply bringing light to the bias that was displayed last year against an underclassman who was snubbed from being in the first team despite tying for first in league points with Smith.

  3. Fair points and agreed. I definately think there is a bias to the class year of the player and I can’t say as I wouldn’t be influenced by that as well.

    • not to mention that carey was snubbed as rookie of the year with the number he put up in his freshmen year…The ECAC always has been a joke when it comes to the awards…Enjoy it q pac because it wont happen next year…Carey Should have been player of the year without a doubt with the numbers he put up on the year…51 points in a single season is not good enough?


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